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All About Addiction is doing something revolutionary - We're putting the power back in the hands of those looking for treatment. As usual, when a new idea makes it to the surface, people listen. Below you will find some of the exposure, responses, and thinking about All About Addiction in different media outlets.

A little introduction to Dr. Adi Jaffe

All About Addiction and Dr. Jaffe are a big hit with UCLA news sources!

People can overcome their addictions, but not quickly, UCLA psychologist says - Check out this story in the UCLA Newsroom where Adi talks about his views on addiction treatment (long term) and the possibility of success.

Student uses research to reach out - All About Addiction was also featured in this article in the Daily Bruin, UCLA's newspaper that goes out to tens of thousands of UCLA students and to the surrounding community.

People can overcome their addictions, but not quickly, UCLA psychologist says

More videos featuring Dr. Jaffe as addiction expert:

Fox News - Inhalant Drug use

Fox - Texas Tech Addiction and Recovery Conference

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