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Adi JaffeAdi Jaffe is a doctoral student at UCLA finishing up his PhD in psychology. He currently writes for this site as well as for TakePart, Psychology Today, and several other online and print sources. Adi has published dozens of articles, book chapters, and presentations on the topic of addiction and is currently working on his first book.

Here’s a little introduction in his own words:

I’ve been studying issues related to drug-addiction, sex-addiction, and gambling-addiction for the past 8 years. I’ve researched related conditions like HIV, Hepatitis, depression, and ADHD as well. During this time I have been, and still am, learning a lot that I think can benefit those struggling with addiction themselves, as well as their family members, friends, and loved ones.

Whatever you’re comfortable calling addiction (disease, affliction, a moral failing) there’s no doubt that it’s having a great, negative, impact on those it affects.

I am most interested in learning about what I call “The pathway to addiction,” the ways people become addicted and the reasons they may stay stuck in addiction. I’ve learned a lot about about the genetic, behavioral, and environmental influences on addiction and drug-abuse. I hope you can use this blog to benefit from my knowledge without having to do so much work yourself…

I’ve had my own experiences with drug abuse and addiction, and so don’t expect my writings to be devoid of personal input that I feel I can contribute given my experience. Aside from my own experiences, I’ve seen literally hundreds of addicts and users through years of drug use. I hope to serve as a source of inspiration for struggling addicts who aren’t certain that they can still make something of their lives after all the devastation; I’ve been on both sides and I can assure you that it’s possible!

My goal here is to get what we, as scientists, know about addiction to the general public in a way that is easy to absorb.

I want to do this because I feel that knowledge is a key ingredient not only in curing and fighting conditions (be they medical, academic, psychological, or otherwise), but also in simply being able to handle and accept things as they are more completely.

We tend to be more scared of things when we feel like we don’t understand them.

I’m not going to lie to you on here and I’ll have no problem revealing personal history and experience.

I want this to be a forum for people to ask honest questions, get honest answers, and be able to look to when they feel like they’re at a loss and need someone who understands.

I hope it works… If you have any questions, please write me below:

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  1. I have so much love for you Adi, and I praise you for the road you have previously traveled upon, as well as the new path you have chosen. I have faith in you as a wonderful person, and as a wonderful teacher. Keep up the good work!!

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