LSD trip

If you’ve ever been on an LSD trip, you know that it can seriously alter your perception of reality. LSD addiction is relatively rare, but can make this alteration a little less fun and quite a bit more costly. Whether individuals are addicted or not, repeated LSD and other hallucinogen exposure can result in serious alterations in reality perception and possibly lead to dangerous or violent outcomes.

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  1. after my lsd trip, many of my thinking patterns have changed… some positively and some negatively… sometimes even when i just somke a lil’ weed… i get really really stoned and very low confidence… i want to get high in a good positive way… with no fear… the problem is that i lost confidence due to my last trip cause it was a bump… What should i do…

    1. Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for reading. Sadly, for most users, once marijuana smoking turns bad, it rarely goes back, acid or not. The paranoia you experience has something to do with Kappa opioid receptors being turned on while smoking. This always happens when THC is consumed, but it seems that for some people (I also ended up in that group at some point), the Kappa activation takes over at some point and makes marijuana smoking a pretty unpleasant experience.

      As proof that I was at least somewhere close to a MJ addict, it took me months of trying and feeling really horrible before I finally stopped smoking weed.

      Sorry man.

  2. I’m Addicted to LSD,DOB,MDMA, and shrooms pot anything hallucinogenic i believe they are the greatest things on earth each and everyone of them have made me realize who i actually was and who every1 was around me on the inside it truly is a miracle drug and you can figure out the universe and your place in it through extensive tripping high dosage of course i mean insanity and sanity comes in large quantities of small doses

  3. ankit…i know how you feel, iv been through alot of trips in the last few years and smoked alot of pot and i know what it feels like to get the fear and loose all confidence. iv been through it.. my advice. have another yourself is great because you learn things about your brain and your body you thought youd never learn before and become more confident in who you are and how to potray that,iv been through that twice after two horrible trips where i lost my mind, go find it again is the only way to get it back..mushrooms are the only trip i take now being natural and having no comedown and not draining your brain all night but for the perfect amount of time to do some serious thinking, along with weed which is just always there for me when im over the shit way the world works these days..el natural. ps. acid isnt an addiction, you just do it to much becuase you like it so much haha and mike i couldnt agree more with you there mate…
    mushrooms and weed wouldnt grow if it didnt play a part in the world..i believe it keeps people all you apose and making it illegal, more fool you; if you ever(which you wont) but if you ever get rid of it off the face of the earth, the world will collapse.peace

    1. First of all, the correct way to state your case would have been “there is no such thing as acid addiction.”
      Now, as you’ll hopefully see from my updated post, you’re simply mistaken. Acid dependence, by definition, can easily occur for anyone who uses acid regularly. I myself have experienced tolerance, withdrawal, and repeated negative consequences from my use.
      Still, I think LSD dependence for any long term is probably a very rare thing indeed due to the quick tolerance buildup and severe cognitive distortions that make it essentially impossible to function regularly.

      1. BS, youngster. How many doses have YOU taken? Me? HAH! Took over a thousand in a six month period and then walked away from it without a second thought. Or any detoxing, for that matter. Nothing like getting off the freakin’ alcohol. Sick for two weeks. Craving for three months. You’re fulla crap, youngster. You don’t know acid from acid reflux, so stifle it.

        1. Lone, why do you think that your experience HAS to be the same as everyone else’s? Is it really so difficult to imagine that you could have one sort of experience with acid and others have a different one?

  4. I serioulsy doubt that there is anything but a psychological addiction to lightweight drugs such as marijuana or LSD. Tobacco or alcohol are much more addictive. But there is something to be considered that is important to your experience. Firstoff, how sane were you BEFORE you ever used a drug? Then you have a factor of chemistry on two fronts. One is your own chemistry being continually altered by your own thoughts and emotions, which most likely is a mixture of healthy and unhealthy. Then you compound that unstable situation with psychoactive drugs which expand and/or distort your perceptions.

  5. i think you are all crazy!!! these are all addictive!! its soooo obvious!! you all think that you cant go on with life without it. that clearly shows you are addicted… and that is it addictive. just because its here on this earth doesnt mean you can abuse it. stupid people….

    1. You’re ill informed or just a typical dingbat that believes what she believes and heck with the opinions of others. Particularly of those that, say, ate a couple thousand doses in his lifetime and walked away from it with no withdrawals whatsoever. Idiot.

  6. You CANNOT get addicted to freakin’ acid. Period. It tears up the system too much to imbibe in for a long enough period for an addiction to gain any traction. Besides, I sold acid from April 1984 to September 1984 and I chowed down on the stuff like it was Tic-Tacs. 1000 hits would be a conservative estimate of how many doses I chowed. When the cops got close, I shut down biz immediately, and didn’t score any more. No detoxing like I did on alcohol. None. As a matter of fact, I felt better because my body wasn’t being bombarded all of the time. As far as pot? Give it a break. Another non-addictive substance that you dingleberries on here want to blame for your own weaknesses. Start talkin Meth and Cokeand Alcohol? THEN you’re talking about $hit that’s addictive. Get your facts from ex-druggies. Not from the writers of books who have never been addicted to anything stronger than their egos.

    1. Ha… again proof that you actually haven’t read anything I’ve written but just comment to talk… I guess we know who’s “never been addicted to anything stronger than their egos.”

      I possibly didn’t take a thousand hits, but I’ve crossed into the hundreds and have used many other drugs including other psychedelics. It’s sad how limited some people can be in their opinions – “It didn’t happen to me so it can’t happen to anyone.”

      I guess acid didn’t teach you much in terms of acceptance…

  7. I took a ton of acid in the 90’s.. I tripped for something like 4 or 5 months straight. and yeah I know all about the tolerance and in the end I just wasn’t tripping like I was in the beginning, although 4 or 5 hits can be a good time. But at a certain point I had enough LSD, mushrooms, peyote etc and I just quit using it. No withdrawal, no cravings, no flashbacks. What got me in the end was alcohol and marijuana.. now those were freaking hard to quit.. Thankfully I am done with using all mind/mood altering substances, but I don’t regret taking a single dose of psychedelics.. not when you’ve had Clear Light experiences.. It opened up a universe inside me and showed me ego death / enlightenment.. how can you argue that??

    1. Interestingly I would agree that my psychedelic use opened up aspects of my personality that would have likely never awoken were it not for the drugs. Some of that was good some bad but it was an amazing learning experience. And I will say that most people I know who experimented with hallucinogens came out just fine. There were those few though who became completely unable to function in normal society. the argument of what role the drugs played in it is an open one but i believe they played a role.

  8. Well i heared that LSD is not addictive but im not sure i dont believe junkies ( sorry reader if you are ).Anyway can anyone tell me from personal experience if it is adictive or if it can harm your brain ..? Thanks ..(sorry for my bad english)

    1. Jonnie,
      LSD or hallucinogen addiction is rare but possible. In terms of harming the brain, regardless of what some readers here say, there are absolutely documented cases of individuals having severe mental health issues after high-dose exposure (and some lower dose) to hallucinogens. Nevermind people engaging in behavior that is dangerous to themselves or others… Hallucinogens are powerful drugs that can leave users with a profound sense of enlightenment or with severe difficulties.

  9. *=* This picture remember me on my 4 year old after taking 1 LSD, i haved a serious accident by jumping in the back of the car, of maked a bad trip effect, and know of im go to the hospital by the picture remember, and is finally repaired with bad trip seizure, i haved flash back from bad trip and got to panic in my house remembered in 4 year old, in today 20 year old.

  10. *=* This picture remember me on my 4 year old after taking 1 LSD, i haved a serious accident by jumping in the back of the car, of maked a bad trip effect, and know of im go to the hospital by the picture remember, and is finally repaired with bad trip seizure, i haved flash back from bad trip and got to panic in my house remembered in 4 year old, im today 20 year old.

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