About Addiction: Alcohol, drugs, and bipolar disorder

Have any questions about different drugs or alcohol? We bet you do and we’re glad to see you back at All About Addiction ! You should browse our content and check out the information on alcohol, heroin, marijuana.  It is a great source for a quick 30 minute information session.

“Traditional” Drugs

BBC– A man in England was killed after consuming heroin that contained anthrax in it. This was the fifth case of a drug user in England who became ill due to anthrax. It appears that drug users are becoming increasingly vulnerable to having their contraband contaminated with anthrax.

Join Together– Do you think Marijuana should be legalized? That was the question on the minds of many individual’s as they went to the polls on Election Day, yet despite the concerted efforts of some people Proposition 19 was defeated. Some of the arguments for supporting the legalization of marijuana was so that it would be treated like alcohol and tobacco and would not be criminalized along with drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine. Apparently the majority of voters thought those benefits didn’t outweigh the possibility that legalizing marijuana would increase social problems. By the way, this is not the first time Californians have rejected the legalization of marijuana, it also occurred in 1972, which likely means that some of the people who voted against it this time supported it in the past.

Synthetic Drugs and new drug combinations

KTLA-How does a drink of prescription cough syrup, soda and jolly ranchers sound to you?  Although this may be unappealing to some it is actually a drink bar-goers are getting in to. The drink is also known as Sizzurp (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Snoop Dog say that in song) and can produce quite a high thanks to the codeine that is found in it. Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol and codeine also increases the chance that the drink will be deadly deadly. Apparently this drink is often promoted by individuals in the music industry and the DEA is worried and wants to crack down on it.

Addiction Inbox– If you would like to learn about a new drug called Mephedrone then this article is for you ! Mephedrone is a new synthetic drug found mostly in England. For more on this topic check out Dirk’s article!

Alcohol: Working Mothers and Energy Drinks

Marin Institute- There has been a growing recognition of the risks of alcoholic energy drinks and officials across the country are starting to take action against them (who hasn’t had a RedBull and Vodka?). Often times these energy drinks are marketed to youth but those individuals do not know the stress that high amounts of alcohol and caffeine can have on the body. Since 2008 major companies such as MillerCoors, Anhueser-Busch, and InBev have removed caffeine from their brands, but smaller companies have begun marketing even more dangerous products that come in larger sizes with higher alcohol content. The news media is attempting to educate the public on the dangers of these products and legal action may even be taken. Check out this article for a great read!

CNN– Working mothers have a lot to balance in their daily lives from running kids to school to doing errands and keeping houses and lives in order – it’s a tough job (just ask my wife). The magazine Working Mother found that 40 percent of working mothers turn to alcohol to try to alleviate stress and 57 percent reported misuse of prescription drugs. Check out this article to find out more and to watch a video which discusses this fuller details and don’t forget to look at some of our content on moderate alcohol intake.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Breaking the cycles– It has often been reported that individuals who have certain mental health problems such as bipolar disorder have a greater chance of developing substance abuse problems (to alcohol or drugs). This article is very helpful in providing the families of individuals with bipolar disorder information to understand the disorder better as well as the alcohol and or drug abuse than may come with. With this understanding the families of these individual can help reduce the stigma of both the bipolar disorder and their addiction.

Addiction Information– Do you remember a couple weeks ago when All About Addiction reported that Michael Lohan wanted to open up his own rehab center? Well the apple does not fall to far from the tree because Lindsay Lohan now wants to open up her own rehab center.  Lindsay has been in and out of rehab five times in the past two years – Is this too early for her to open up a rehab center? I think that’s probably true and that she should focus on getting herself healthy first.

Tying up every loose end – Keeping my head above water

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that I’ve been slacking a little on the writing end of All About Addiction (A3). I love my readers and so I wanted to make sure that you were all in on everything that’s going on so that you don’t feel left out (my wife taught me that!). Now that All About Addiction has expanded beyond the blog that started it all out to include the new Rehab-Finder and everything else the website offers now (like the Resource Page), it takes a lot more work to keep everything moving along, and unfortunately, I can’t afford any help yet so it’s just me and my undergrad crew! Still, when I started this website a few years ago to help those who wanted the most recent scientific information about addiction have easy access to it, I never could have imagined it going this far.

Also, since I’m now officially about one week away from my dissertation defense date (woohoo!!!) the work in that arena is getting more and more focused, which leaves less and less time to focus on other thing. Still, it’s hard for me to express how excited I am to bring the last 7 years of exploration to a close and get started on Phase 2 (or is Phase 15…). I’m guessing that I’ll likely post excerpts from the thesis itself here on A3, as well as probably on WePapers, which is a site my dad helped start that allows people in education to share knowledge (pretty cool!). Speaking of my dad, I really wish he’d made it another 6 months to meet my boy Kai and get to see me finish this Ph.D. thing – I know how much he would have appreciated both. Losing him has definitely given me a better idea of the downside to not believing in reincarnation, life-after-death, and all that other wonderfully optimistic stuff. But I digress.

So between the website expansion, the birth of my son, my dissertation, and that thing we all call sleep I’ve been pretty much maxed out, which explains the serious drop in new content. I promise that once I am officially Dr. Jaffe I’ll have more time to focus on bringing you the kind of groundbreaking addiction-science coverage you’ve come to rely on.

Oh, and if you’re really hungry for more, make sure to check out the piece about A3 (and me) in the UCLA newsroom as well as the upcoming piece in the UCLA paper (the Daily Bruin) about addiction that will feature me in it too. Between those two pieces and the LA Times and Boston Globe pieces I’ve been interviewed for in the past few months, it seems at least someone is paying attention to all the work that has gone into All About Addiction for the past 3 years or so.

For that, my son, my wife, and everything else that’s good – I’m grateful.



UCLA coverage of All About Addiction – Adi in the news

We don’t normally toot our own horn, but this one is big!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, make sure you read the recent UCLA Newsroom story about Adi Jaffe, A3’s originator, and about All About Addiction.

The story chronicles much of the stuff we’ve already talked about on A3, including Adi’s drug addiction history, his studies about addiction at UCLA, and his dissertation research, which we’re sure he’ll talk about more on here soon.

Also mentioned is the new A3 Rehab-Finder, which we’re certain will soon become one of the most utilized tools to make finding addiction treatment in the U.S. (and around the world?) easier and more efficient.

As a UCLA fan and participant for over 12 years, Adi couldn’t be more excited to have one of the first big stories written about his work published directly on the school’s website. The story’s also been picked up by the general University of California Newsroom and by PhysOrg and a number of other great online resources.

Hard work pays off!!!