About addiction: Bankers, courts, Obama, and painkillers

Hey everyone, here’s another roundup of some good links about addiction from around the globe –

Addiction today – U.S. bankers seek treatment

Breaking the cycles – Offender sentencing that makes sense

Addiction tomorrow – Obama says NO to legalization

Physorg – FDA cracks down on unapproved narcotic painkillers

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About addiction: Weed, early recovery, teens and alcohol, and robotripping

We started this thread last week and I’m going to do my best to keep it up. Here are some links you may find useful on other blogs:

The Addiction News Network – Brain damage in young adults who smoke weed

Spiritual River – The usefulness of social support in early recovery

Breaking the Cycles – A great post about talking to your children about alcohol

Recovery Basics – Robotripping (Or Roboing as we used to call it) is apprently coming back

I hope you enjoy those as much as I did.