Addiction brain effects : Opiate addiction – Heroin, oxycontin and more

Okay, we’ve talked about crystal meth and cocaine and how they affect the brain during drug use. As I mentioned, both cocaine and meth interfere with the way the brain stores and cleans up important neurotransmitters, including, most importantly, Dopamine and Norepinephrine.

opiates-morphine & heroinThe class of drugs known as opiates, which includes morphine, heroin, codeine, and all their derivatives (including oxycontin), acts on the brain in a completely different manner. Since our goal at All About Addiction is to explain drug use and abuse as comprehensively as possible, let’s turn our attention to this opiate addiction next.

Heroin, morphine, oxycontin, vicodin and other opiates

While cocaine and crystal meth work by disrupting the normal functioning of molecules responsible for cleaning up released neurotransmitters, opiates work by activating actual receptors that naturally occuring neurotransmitters activate. Substance like this are known as agonists; they perform the same action (identically as, to a lesser, or greater extent) as a substance the body already manufactures.

In the case of morphine, heroin, and most other opiates, the most important receptors activated are knownOpiate Receptors as µ-opioid receptors. Activation of the µ-opioid receptors is associated with analgesia (suppression of pain), sedation, and euphoria, which makes sense given the relaxing, pleasure inducing effects of opiates.

Natural opioids (also called endogenous opioids), which include endorphins, are used by the body to relieve pain and increase relaxation, especially during periods of extreme stress. These are the chemicals that make sure we can function during accidents, like after breaking our leg…

Opioids and dopamine

Opioids also increase the amount of dopamine in the brain indirectly. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, dopamine is thought to be the reward indicator in the brain. Unlike crystal meth and cocaine, heroin and its relatives increase the activity of dopamine neurons by releasing the hold that other neurons (that use GABA) have on them. Think of this as the release of pressure on a hose spraying water on a lawn. When the pipe is pinched, only so much water can get through, but once the clasp is released, water can flow in greater quantity; this is essentially what opiates do.

Heroin addiction and long term opiate use

Like I said before, this doesn’t sound so bad, does it? All we’re talking about here is the increasing of the functioning of system that already exists in the brain. The problem isn’t so much in the process, the problem starts when this system gets activated for long periods of time.

HeroinHeroin addicts, and other frequent users of opiates complain about the extreme discomfort they feel when they stop using the drugs. This discomfort has been described as the worse case of the flu you could imagine. Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? In fact, withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping opiate use are at least one of the main reasons many users return to the drug after trying to clean up. This in addition to all the other effects of the drug on the brain to make wanting to stop so much harder.

The reason for the pains and aches? Given the overactivation of its pain suppression system, the body not only reduces its own supply of opioids, but it also turns up the sensitivity on its pain receptors. Heroin users notice this as an increase in tolerance, but they compensate for it by simply using more. However, when they stop, they’re left with a body unable to suppress its own, hyper sensitive pain system. The results are more than uncomfortable, they’re simply excruciating…

Another common complaint of addicts is diarrhea. This, again, is simply the reversal of the constipation caused earlier by heroin’s actions on opioid receptors that are present in the peripheral system (outside the central nervous system).

I’ve heard addicts speak online about the slow recovery from opiate addiction and I want to dispell a myth here:

Opiates DO NOT stay in your system for weeks or months – The drug itself is gone from the body within days. The reason for the continued suffering is the slow adjustment of your brain and body back to the way things were before the drugs. Think of how long the tolerance took to develop… Now play the tape back in reverse. That’s what happening to you. You can help relieve the pain, but know that if you use anything in the opiate family, you’re making the process last much longer…

So, in summary: As usual, the actions of opiates on the body and brain are not all the severe, extreme, or inappropriate. Opiates are still used in medicine for pain suppression, not only because they work, but because the potential for abuse when used in this way are minimal to non-existent. However, as with all drugs, continued, chronic, abusive use of opiates will change the way your body functions in ways that will produce the exact opposite effects of those users like so much. This leaves people not only with possible addiction problems, but also with a terrifyingly uncomfortable return back to normal functioning.

Addiction help

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  1. Sorry, but I do no agree with your statement that opiates are gone from the system within days. Having dealt with drug detoxification for a number of years I have seen first hand the effects of drugs and toxins lodging in the fat tissues of the body, sometimes for years, and the resurgence of the body and emotional state of the individual once these substances are fully removed from the body. is a portal to a full scientific study on this exact subject. Explanations of this concept in a more conversational style are also available at

  2. Dear Kayakotto,
    First of all, thank you very much for commenting, I always welcome opinions and other informed comments.

    I think you’ll agree that even if what you say is correct, the stored opiates would not be a reason for withdrawal symptoms but would actually slow down withdrawal. The point I was making specifically referred to the reason for the terrible process people experience when quitting opiates.

    Now, while I agree that some substances can repose in lipid, or fat, tissue, the possible impact of these substances given their slow release and small quantities is most likely not very substantial, though it’s no doubt an issue.
    The resurgence of emotional states related to drug use years after use can be the product of many things, including memories triggered by cues (triggers) that can put the brain in a state essentially identical to that experienced during use.

    By the way, I can’t access the journal, but given its name “Medical Hypotheses” I’m supposing the study hasn’t been carried out but is instead being planned or thought of. I would be very interested in seeing the results when it does come out.

    Again, thank you for your comment, I would love to hear more from you in the future.

  3. As someone who is in recovery for codependency to sexual addiction, I too, write about the brain in regard to codep behaviors. The repetitive behaviors themselves actually alter the dopamine and other neurotransmitter levels which creates the same addictive need as if it were an addiction to a substance. If your DOC is another person (sadly), when that person leaves, you experience withdrawal in a very real, physiological sense.

    Interesting stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment. I completely agree. In fact, in some of the posts about sex addiction and other behavioral addictions (like gambling, food addictions, etc.), I’ve about the many parallels between substance based addictions and others.

      When it comes down to it, I think that the addiction help available, and appropriate, for all of these may likely be the same.

  4. i was addicted to percs,oxis,and the methadone and the amount i did for so long i seem to have alot of pain in my legs and my mental state is basically fighting depression. i would do 15 10mg percs in one sitting and would do 3 80s in a sitting and then i started to take 10methadone pills in sittings so my addiction was bad and i want to completley get my life back bc to me the people around me matter and for about 2 1/2 years of this abuse was so much. But my question here is i havent done anything for over 2 weeks and i know i dont wanna go back but when will i get my life back both mentally and physically because i wanna be happy again and i will do whatever it takes. but please i need some help bc i want my life back completley.

    • Hi Skar,
      Sorry to hear about your trouble. The good news is that you’re past the hard withdrawal period. The bad news – full neurological recovery from any heavy long-term drug use can take years. In fact, even then, we’re not sure that the recovered activity is equal to that lost. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to make sure that you’re on track to give yourself the best chance at a full recovery.

      Make sure you’re eating right and exercising. Giving your body everything it needs to be fully healthy will allow it to repair most quickly. Exercise will not only begin to restore your endorphin levels, but will also keep you occupied and distracted. Start out slow and build up. When it comes to nutrition, you may want to try some unconventional things and see how they make you feel. Check out for some healthy smoothies and dietary ideas.

      I’d love to keep in touch and hear more about your progress.


    • PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!
      Are u nuts to call suboxone a miracle drug it is far from it and no you are still a dope addict on it i cant believe when people say there clean but on suboxone, This is a very very bad drug if you are thinking of it, jus cold turkey the shit your on, i think u should be able to sue drug companies for this drug i relapse 3 and half years ago after quitting Methadone it was hell but i did it and was clean for three years ,when i relapse I RELAPSED ON ROXYS i was into it for about three weeks just up to a 10 pack a day.right away i went to get help this time this was 3 and half years ago thank to this miracle drug has i was told it been harder to quit the methadone and no you are still high aim on stright buprenorphine its great if u like getting high and you can junk out on it 2 u can shot it to and how nice of them it dont show up on a drug test .this drug is just wrong in so many ways i can go on and on how bad theit is is like i said i cold turkey methadone this shit is worse i would to find more people on the drug we need to get together and do something there getting rich of us telling us lies i don’t know 1 person who i quit this crap IT Fuc your head up bad depression so bad you want to kill your self, if your not on it stay away bad bad news for everyone there teachers,school bus drivers taken this shit u can work and have a job on the stuff it gets u high u can nod out on it and all matter a fact i found that it better the roxys and oxes why bother when this is legal my point of this is YOU ARE NOT CLEAN ON THIS DRUG YOU ARE STILL JUNKEN OUT str8 up.

      • I’m sorry to hear you feel this way Steve. I personally however know many patients and many more stories of patients who were able to get their life together because of buprenorphine. To them, this drug has meant no more shooting up, no more illegal drug trade and a return back to life.

  5. Hi Adi. Thank you so much for replying its been about 3 weeks now and i am exercising and trying to eat all healthy foods. I’m finally sleeping better but i do still have pain mostly in my legs.thank you so much for answering and i will keep in touch. thanks again

  6. Hi Adi. Im just turning 28 this November 9th. Ive been on percs and some hydro for nearly 6-7 years. Ive been successful with suboxen about 9 monthes ago for 2 monthes and stoped. Thought I could take 1 perc 10 and be ok, but nope. I got back to doing more then before. I hate it and my life. I lost my true love due to lieing about my drug abuse. Iv’e tried cold turkey several times. Once i was clean for a month but the mental state brought me back to using. I am down to prob 20-40ml a day give or take. I use to take an easy 100ml or more a day everyday. My question is, for my semi young age, will my brain and mental state me able to heal better and quicker then some one much older? I just want to be normal soo bad. I don’t even remember what normal felt like. I wanna feel happy and not so sad and agrivated and get my appetite back. If you can give me some info on that question and maybe some tips how to get my health back and how to control my cravings in the long run once i quit again which will be any day. Thanks!

    • Hey Dman,
      The short answer is this: Yes you can get back to normal (or pretty damn close to it, enough that you won’t notice the difference), but it’s going to take some time. Why don’t you email me directly for some more specific advice (hit the contact me page).

      In the meantime – If you have health insurance and can see a doctor, get back on some form of buprenorphine (suboxone and such) and start taking care of your health in other ways. The best thing you can do is to get yourself into a medical detox place for help with the first week and then use suboxone to help you as you start reestablishing your life.

      Again, email me and we’ll talk more specifically about your situation,


  7. I have been reading everyones story. Recovering is very painful. I have been clean from oxys/tabs since Dec 13th 2009 and I still wonder if I am ever going to start feeling better. Yes the actual withdrawal/sickness is gone but I still have hardly any energy and barely any sleep at night causing me to become very irritable. I used for about 6yrs. My dr was prescribing me 240 tabs and 60 oxys a month and those were going like candy.. I built up a tolerance like no other!! Now I am paying for it..I can honestly say that I have stood strong and never allowed my mind to start craving..bc this is the longest I have ever gone and I have a mind set that if I have come this far it would be completely ignorant of me to throw it all away..Has anyone successfully accomplished the whole recovery process? And…Anything to help me relax?
    I would appreciate any kind of suggestions I can get…thanks && good luck to everyone

    • Hi Carri,
      Thanks for your bravery in quitting and in coming out and telling us about it. Initial recovery from any long term drug use is har. Your body was used to being pumped full of extra opioids and dopamine and now that’s all gone. It’s going to take a while to recover it’s normal state, but it’ll all be worth it when you no longer need oxy’s to function.
      I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor who knows about addiction and looking into a low dose of buprenorphine (suboxone or subutex). It’ll help rebalance your neurobiological system and with supervision you can slowly taper off it. There’s no high (as long as you stay committed to the process and take as prescribed). Email me if you want more information and help at the “talk-to-me” page.
      Either way, good luck! You’re a brave woman.

  8. Dear Carri,
    Congrats on getting to where you are. I went to a rapid detox clinic in sept. so I have been off opiates for almost 4 months. I still get thoughts of doing a pill occasionally, but all I have to do is think about how opiates screwed up my life and do I really want to go there again.
    In response to Adi Jaffe comment on suboxone, PLEASE whatever you do do not ever start on suboxone or subutex. You have gotten this far, do not get onto a drug that is just as hard, if not harder to get off of than the drugs you were on.
    They are bad news.
    Adi might think he/she may be helping with that suggestion but it is wrong.
    Stay clean, you are one of the few.
    good luck

    • David,
      Thank you for writing. Do you have any personal experiences with either Suboxone or Subutex? If so, I’d love to hear about them. From my vantage point, those two drugs are very good candidates for early recovery.
      No one should start using them 4 months after being clean without some very specific circumstances, but as ways to help someone get to the 4 month mark, they’ve proven very useful.

  9. I was on hydrocodone 10/325 for several years (X’s 8/day). When I stopped taking it I didn’t ecperience withdrawls, but my Dr gave me Suboxone. I was not familiar with this drug and had a seizure the VERY same day he gave it to me. Still unaware of the interaction with Clonazepam (Resless Leg Syndrome), I continued taking it as precsribed. Three days later I had a 2nd seizure. This time my children were removed from my care as DSS (I think) assumed I was overdosing or something although I’d not been on hydrocodone for over 2 weeks…

    I would NOT reccomend Suboxone. You don’t need it. Just be strong, you can beat this!

  10. To all of u I recommend the book Jason Peter: hero of the underground..I was too a heroin/opiate (opana) addict and had nobody to turn to at my worst of times. I thought my troubles were bad until this book was recommended to me by a close family member. It is a true story and is in first person by Jason himself, who was an ex pro football player who became addicted to heroin and crack cocaine after what playing football had done to his body. I truly think everyone should read this book, especially an addict, because the way he makes you feel you can relate to his story with your own.

  11. I also find that Suboxone is not all it is cracked up to be. As Adi Jaffe said though, using it at first as transitional and then tapering off is the idea (I think that’s what you meant, right?)

    In my experience, the freedom of self-administration that a prescription to Suboxone provides does not help much past harm-reduction. Within 18-36 hours(72 with larger doses) the binding/blocking effect of buprenorphine wears off and you can get high again. I have found over and over that this just enables an already highly enable-susceptible group of people.

    A few years ago when Suboxone became readily available in Wisconsin, where I live, the optimism that suboxone provided to all of us junkies was great. However I have found it to actually be the exception that it actually helps people get clean. Way more often it is just a way to get not sick, with people having insurance using it to sell their Subs at a profit to purchase other opiates.

    I feel that pharmaceuticals with their precise dosages allow one to be safer. I also feel Suboxone allows you to go to work, or not have to spend the whole day chasing down drug money. Both these things are harm-reducing, which is a good thing. But as far as more than a transitional tool, I don’t see it as very helpful actually getting clean.

    Having failed and honestly never seen anyone else succeed getting clean with the aid of Subs, I chose to use Methadone to taper down. I am now at 5mgs.

    Thank you Mr. Jaffe for providing a hopeful outcome and inspiration.

  12. omg this sight has helped me realize since quitting lortabs 5 weeks ago after 5 years of abuse my severe depression is from the drugs. I got past the physical symptoms and thought I’m good to go then one day I woke up so depressed and it has not gone away. What can I take to heal my brain or help with the depression I swear I just woke up one day so freakin depressed please help! Also I have no energy at all does anyone who has been a long time abuser know if this will ever go away?

  13. I’m wondering the same thing lala is. I have cronic back pain and my doc put me on vicodin and I became addicted. I quit, and am having trouble “feeling normal.”
    It’s like the happiness is sucked right out of me. I hate feeling this way. For the most part I fake it for my 2 year old, but inside I’m aggrevated and depressed all the time! I need advice.

    • Hi Sey,
      Sorry to hear about your problem. It’s a state called anhedonia, and it can last for some time following withdrawal from opiates. Unfortunately, especially because you were taking the drugs for pain, this isn’t something you signed up for. It’s your brain being in a “down” state in terms of pain and pleasure regulation (opioid receptors are involved in both) because of the long exposure to external sources of activation. It’ll take some time, but you’ll get a good portion, if not all, of your previous activation levels back most likely.

  14. i have a crushed L5 from riding saddle broncs i abused percs and vics so i could keep training horses as it and ranching is all i know. eventually i relized i had to stop after litterrally having to crawl in the house. since then i have went through all the doctor stuff, surgeons, pain management. apparently i am not a candidate for surgery because of my age (25 yrs). SO all they could do for me is pain management and physical therapy. right away i began abusing the pills and quickly worked my way up to oxy. i mean it was great it took away the pain and made me feel unbroken agian. but then of course the other aspect when u abuse them you run out to soon and get sick. ive built up to 180 mg of oxy 30 mg IR 6 times a day which i increase whenever the doc agrees. i finished those 1 week to 2 week early the last 2 months, and then have had to go on the search so i wouldnt get to sick cause i watch my two kids now and my wife works. this is been very hard on me and my wife financially and emotionally. anyways i have this huge problem im broken up in lots of pain, but the drugs are becoming a bigger problem. so in an withdrawl already and sick of the whole pill thing. i got 16 suboxen maybe i took them to soon i dont know but they made me hurt even worse! so after trying 2 more tabs this morning with still little relief I took 8 vic 10s i had acquired. after this i got a lil relief but still alot of pain n my leg and baack and the mental part of its horrible. 3 of those vics i took up the nose as i do most my pills which im sure is the biggest part of my problem. how long till the suboxen wear off and pills will work agian? my script comes n a week and i plan on tapering off gradually as after research i have found this to be the most efffective method. anyways i can accquire more pills Daladids and more percs and vics and if im lucky oxy at the cost of hurtn us more financially but its worth it at this point to be not sick and to be able to play with my kids and not be n so much pain! sorry bout the bad grammmar and puncuation but im in alot of pain even now. if anyone has any info i would really appreciate it all the posts ive read have helped alot

  15. I am surprised that you (are you a Dr.?) are subscribing to the use of Buprenorphine/Suboxone as if this is not a serious opiate. It is a miracle drug to be use for at most 2 weeks to taper someone from a short acting opiate- Heroine, Oxys, Hyro, etc. I have used it long term- almost 4 yrs. It is the worst of all opiates to come off from. Not the acute withdrawal- true- compared to H or Oxy the initial w/d is easy.. Long term… I stayed off for 9 weeks (longest) and I was feeling so weak and unmotivated. I felt worse it seemed as time went on with the protracted w/d. I have come off of every opiate imaginable. Getting over the initial w/d is hell. After 2-3 weeks it gets a bit better, after a month better, and 2 months later even better….not WORSE. Now Drs are discovering that that Partial Agonist property of bupe has an unintented affect on the receptor system. It also acts on other opiate receptors (alpha etc). Aside from the relatively easy initial w/d from bupe- the rest- protracted withdrawal is considered even worse than Methadone. At the very least it should be explained that anyone intending to go on Bup/Sub Maintenance is walking into the same jungle as with Methadone. Bupe is a powerful Opiate. Derived (like Oxy) from Thebaine (one of 4 poppy alkaloids). For pain it is given in micrograms. The high dose bupe for maintenance is extremely high and affects the brain in the same way. Just 2 mg of bupe is extremely potent.
    WARNING: Do your research before you go on any form of Buprenorphine.
    If you feel that you have to give your life over to a drug and cannot be opiate free… then look at Methadone or Suboxone, but neither is a good scenario at all. I found a doctor, MD, Anaesthesiologist, who became a Psychiatrist, Resid at Univ. of Miami Jackson, who I am fortunate to be working with. He is one of the few that has researched opiate dependancy such a degree, and the emerging problem of Suboxone.
    Anyone want to talk to me I would be more than glad. Bupe is horrible unless used properly.

    • Oh man, I’m pretty scared after reading through these replies, especially Daniels. I’ve been hooked on pills for about nine years now. First it was lortabs and percs and an occasional oxy 80, then I tried to get off through methadone and eventually suboxone which i thought was a miracle drug. But as im sure many addicts have done, I started using suboxone in between oxy80s binges, to help me come off the 80s and then continue using subox as “maintenance” until the next monthly 80s binge…i’ve been on this rollercoaster ride for about six years, which after reading Jaffe’s and Daniel’s comments is scaring the hell out of me now that I’ve come clean about this to my wife and am planning on getting off all this stuff. I was hoping to just stay on subox from now on and taper off my use until i take nothing but from Daniel’s comments (please write back if you see this, i’d really like to correspond with you if possible) and others, i’m feeling like it’s a hopeless cause…Jaffe, Daniel or anyone, how long do you feel depressed, no energy, etc, before you feel better again, if ever? I’m gonna try to eat healthy and exercise hard, as recommended, to help me feel better, but does this stuff change your brain permanently? I need some hope here. I’m 42 and have barely had a day in my life without a buzz or a bet, which is nothing to be proud of, i know. But can i become drug-free and lead a “normal” happy life after a while, or am i gonna have to either stay on subox forever and/or be clean and feel like crap the rest of my life?

  16. Dear Daniel,
    As you said, you’ve been using it for 4 years. My recommendation was for short term use, as a tool to help individuals get through the first few months of recovery. I agree that Buprenorphine is a powerful opiate, there’s no doubt there. However, even with long term use, which I don’t recommend, I would say that getting a pill that consistently gives less of a high than heroin and does a better job of regulating opioid receptors is still better than having to cop dope that is inconsistent and puts users at a whole host of risks.

  17. so waht is the best way to get off oxycodone then. or at least taper off. i run out early every month and am prescribed 180 mg a day in 30 mg imm rel form. im also using soma to help with the pain i try to alternate them somewhat and am trying not to get hooked on the soma like i am the oxy i was hoping Adi Jaffe might have some answers for me

  18. Hi Will, I can’t give medical advice (legal stuff), but I think the best advice on this is for you to go to your doctor and ask him/her for help reducing your dose or getting completely off Oxy. There are some pretty good non-narcotic pain relievers out there and if you suffer from chronic pain, there are additional options for managing it that will hopefully get you some relief from the opiate route.

    Hope that helps

    • I have been an addict for 4 years, the last 1.5 on methadone and 4 weeks on Suboxone, and after 9 days, the only thing that relives the depression exercise! I think this is the best advice for recovering addicts at first – and I will say that I can barely get up when it’s time to go, and it seems impossible to exercise because of the wd’s, but when i’m actually exercising – i forget i’m an addict ~ and I sleep about 15 minutes longer every day since I started exercising at least 6 days a week. So my advice to everyone else is: Get off the couch and get moving. it really helps.

  19. Used codeine for 4 years. Got off it a year and a half ago after 4 attempts. Hardest thing I ever did in my life. Headaches that lasted for two or three weeks, no joke, and knowing that to stop it all it takes is a couple white little pills.

    I still get occasional cravings, though nothing awful. But what I do know is that I am not as brilliant as I was before I went on it.

    Other than eating properly, and supplementing (I have some liver and kidney damage and am working on fixing that) the thing which seems to have made the most difference is exercise. For the first 6 months or so, brutal exercise was the only thing that kept me off the stuff.

    Supposedly, exercise is also good for regrowing brain cells. I hope to hell it works. I’m not stupid now, by any means, but I remember what I was.

    My own damn fault, but I hope I don’t pay for it the rest of my life, regardless.

    I probably will.

  20. Hi Someone, exercise certainly helps the body by maximizing your ability to repair brain function and more. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!
    Regarding the permanence of brain damage caused by heavy drug use the answer isn’t very straightforward – Some function recovers, but we have no way of knowing if you get back what you lost or simply make new cells that can be used by the brain. What is certain is this: The earlier you stop using, the younger your brain and the more likely it will be to recover.
    Also, the recovery takes time, on the order of months and years, so be patient and make sure to note small improvements and you’re not likely to see huge ones right away…

  21. Hello to everyone and best of wishes to all of you! I am 30 yrs old and have been abusing pain pills for 10 yrs now. I am not at all proud of who I’ve become in life. I would give ANYTHING on this ball of dirt we call earth to be live a normal, happy life! I’ve made several attempts through the years to stop the 800 pound gorilla that lives inside of me. This addiction is ruining my life and my family. Having no one to talk to only makes matters worse. I will soon lose the love of my life because I am a junkie! I’ve read all of your postings on this site and can’t hold back my tears. Call me what you want. Just wish I could find the way as some of you have. Keep on keeping on to all of you! Find yourself again and don’t ever let go. Life is beautiful and too f’n short to be controlled by something 1/10 of your size. I can only hope that one day soon I can write back to let all you know how good it feels to be clean. One thing is for sure, being a junkie sucks! Good luck to all of you!

  22. In the last three years I have become very addicted to Oxys. I went the methadone route and ended up using to pills as a fall back for when I didn’t have oxy. A couple times I quit ct only to go back to it a month later because I couldn’t take the deep depression that followed detox. Is there hope for life after oxys? I think so. But I think it’s a really hard road and I pray we all can make it back to ourselves one day. Check out the substance abuse community at medhelp. Very supportive. God save us all.

  23. I’ve been a IV heroin user for over 10 yrs. I’ve done the methadone clinic, detox w/ cataprese (blood press. med), and FINALLY I went to a detox/rehab facility here in MICH. that embrased suboxone!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Suboxone saved my life, in so many words. I was approved to take the suboxone for however long needed, maybe FOREVER???? I took it for five years 4mg a day, and I’ve never touched heroin since then. Well, I met a man got married, and were trying to have a baby, so I needed to be off the suboxone for at least 6 months.

    Well, I ve been off it over a year

    • Thanks for sharing your story Yvonne. Suboxone has been helping many heroin addicts kick the habit, and I’m happy to hear it worked so well for you. Good luck with the baby, the mariage and the rest of your life. If you’re at all interested, I’m always looking for recovered people who are willing to join our “Anonymous No More” campaign.

      All the best,

  24. Hi, I really appreciate all the helpful tips and living post-addiction comfortably. My history is just at 18 was handed an oxy codone for a headache having no clue what it was, i took it. Well that summer i became hooked with friends, thinking we were having the summer of our lives. We didn’t knw we were becoming addicted. So on and off for months at a time i was hooked to opiates.Oxycotin, opana, percs, whatever i we could find. So now im 21, and this addiction has ruined all plans for school and living a normal childhood. My fathers a dentist and i have an amazing mother and they want to help me in an way necessary. I did the Suboxone thing and for me, it was just another high. Although its better than wasting tons of money and wasting time looking for drugs. But now i moved from oregon to austin tx to get away from everything going on in oregon in that drug scene, but my question to you is, Whats your opinion about me trying to go to college during this time of withdrawal phsycologically. Because its hard to have motivation while im depressed and have zero energy to focus and be motivated for school ya know?

  25. I’m not really posting to the actual discussion, I found this website looking for ways to talk to someone. I am a young mother of 3 and am struggling so bad with addiction, I am to the point I know I have a problem and I want help. People will always say that even though you think no one knows about it they do but in my situation there is only 3 people in my family that know, not including my husband. So to be able to talk to someone is very hard in my situation, that’s what I think I need is someone to talk to. Ive thought about just telling everyone and getting help thru a rehab or even thought about an out patient treatment but the thought of that scares me. And honestly I don’t have the money to do any of that. I don’t want to let my kids down but I want and need the help. I have gone cold turkey many times and have succeeded for a while but now I am realizing there is alot of mental issues I’m not dealing with and in turn leads to a relapse. I’m am currently in an almost 3 month long relapse, right now I just wish i could talk to someone maybe someone can open my eyes a little more and help me through the steps i need to take. If anyone is interested in maybe helping a wounded soul out maybe let me know? 🙂 I know all the risks I’m taking and I know what I’m doing to myself I just need help, i need a shoulder to cry on if you know what I mean…

    • I created an account on here, not sure if thats what i needed to do but i did 🙂 I really am loving this website!

    • Shell – you would do really well with NA (Narcotics Anonymous). It is a group of people just like yourself. People who, because of their disease and their situation, have no one they can safely talk to about their addiction. So 20 people, exactly like yourself, get together and talk about their addictions, and the consequences they have wrought, openly with each other. You can google Narcotics Anonymous to find local meetings in your area. It has helped me tremendously as I was in your situation. I had years of use under my belt without my spouse the wiser, but was so sick and tired, yet afraid to come forward for fear of retribution from my family. Good luck to you!

  26. my husband was put on benzos -average 7 mg ativan (70 valium) which ended up lasting the last 10 years – by tapering he is down to 5 mg of valium which is very low.

    for pain – 2 years ago oxys (both types) were added at 120 mg /day. Miserable pain control now and stays inside. He wants to get rid of the oxys but the tapering of this is worse than the benzos. Should he just straight taper of go to subs — hear both scenarios. Just dont know how to proceed and life is no good and getting worse staying the same. The oxys must go —but how is this possible. did the benzos wreck chances age 59.
    worried. Need hope for recovery. Treatment centers out of question. Help please.

    • Thank you for writing Michelle, unfortunately you’re going to need to consult with a physician that can supervise in this case since tapering off benzos is a serious ordeal. One of the things that might help you is checking out our benzo withdrawal post ( click here).

      Best of luck and know that recovery is possible, I’ve spoken to dozens of people who have kicked benzo and opiate addictions.

  27. thanks for the response. One specific thing— the benzos have been tapered with a doctor for 2 years from 80 mg to around 5 or 4 per day- valium. The Dr. is leaving and we will have enough to do 4-3-2-1 down one mg. each month. Given the relatively low dose now — is this safe enough. Or is this level some danger in spite of the fact that most is gone and he is down to 4 —–even though it probably should be 9 since some bigger cuts were made between 15 and 7 —- faster than one mg per mo. But we indeed are at 4 – so are we okay now?

    Thanks so much for any comment.

  28. another thing —-appreciate any help. With the 120 mg of oxys. Is the best way to do this gradual step down like the benzos.?

    15 mg down per mo is perhaps possible. abrupt stopping results in intolerable physical symptoms and is impossible. This is so bad it seems physically dangerous.

    I think 10 years of ativan and val destroying gaba system is making the oxy w/d very much worse – in a way no one seems to know about.

    Hard to know what to do – it is miserable for us all.

    thanks for your help

    • I didn’t even read the post above from “D”. I have a very similar story and you have a very positive outlook on things, but you’re not lying to yourself that once you stop using you’re not an addict. stay strong!

  29. I have been clean from opiates since October 10th. Best change I’ve made in my life, by far. Also the hardest. I’m 22 and feel like I’ve never completed or stuck with anything in my life, except quitting this addiction. I always knew quitting was the easy part, and staying clean was the hard part. I’ve done pretty good at eliminating the people who use in my life but I work in a restaurant on the strip in las Vegas and the drug trade in restauraunts is heavy, to say the least. My coworkers know not to offer it to me, yet i still see it and hear about it. I’m not blind and I understand “code” words and drug behavior. I don’t know why I decided to post here, maybe to offer encouragement? Idk…
    I know one thing tho, the first 3 weeks were hell, but the feeling of progress every day inspired me to keep reaching my goal. I have realized it’s going to be a life long goal because I will struggle with this everyday, although I do go some days without even thinking about it. Which makes me wonder if I will use again because my guard is down. I still havnt quit marijuana because I was under the assumption that it was my only “get away”. But over the last 2 weeks I have realized that I’m just using it to cope with my problems (I have alot) in an unhealthy way. I should also point out I was using 200mg OC a day for two years but would use any opiate to cure WD (h,opana,methadone)….both sides of my fam have drug/alc problems and I grew up in an enviornment constantly around them. I feel like it’s all I know but I also know that I’m better than that. I have depression and anxiety that has never been treated because I’m terrified of getting addicted to another pill. I try to stay sober from alc as well but I get so bored I feel like drinking with friends is the awnser but I know it’s not. I wish I could break this cycle………baby steps…..

    PS- I typed this from my iPhone, I know it’s not very well organized. I appoligize 🙂

  30. Michelle- google the “Thomas recipe”…..not saying it’s the awnser but it might give you some ideas. I used portions of the recipe to quit opiates. Butttt, benzo Are a whole dif game. Some say it’s harder to quit than opiates..idk tho I’m not a doctor. For me it came down to when I was ready to quit. Nothing was going good for me, and sadly in the mix of all the chaos, being sober was my best option so I went with it full force and havnt looked back (yet) but everyones different and if you can see a doctor I reccomend it. I don’t advise suboxone. It’s like quitting liquor but still drinking beer..

    • D, have you tried suboxone or are you simply putting it down because you don’t like the idea? I think that suggesting that suboxone is like drinking beer after liquor might be a good comparison if you’re talking about a person who was drinking a fifth of vodka (akin to let’s say someone who is shooting up heroin every day as soon as they wake up), has tried to quit a few times unsuccessfully and has terrible withdrawals, and somehow then manages to drink 2 beers a day without a problem.
      suboxone has created some miracles among addicts who have had an impossible time quitting multiple times before and now simply take a pill (or hopefully soon a monthly injection) and don’t shoot up anymore. Besides the wonderful fact that they’ve stopped having to score dope regularly, the fact that they no longer shoot up also does wonders for things like HIV and Hep C infection risk…
      No one is saying suboxone should be part of every person’s recovery story, but it should definitely NOT be dismissed off-hand.

  31. I was on methadone for a year then suboxone for 3 months. i’ts been 5 weeks cold turkey.i’m past the worst of it however I still feel lethargic.I started low dose antidepressants for the depression this did help with the depression.Has anyone not had no energy this long?

  32. i will have my one year clean december 26th i was on opiates taking about 30 a day but i have always battled with drugs having been addicted to meth cocaine and pot the opiates were the hardest for me to get clean from because of the physical withdrawals. i went to into a rehab facility for 8 days and detoxed and came out and went to womens outreach in rome ga. for 9 months they helped me be able to find the real me again and how i can deal with life on lifes terms. i also go to na meetings and am currently being asked to be a sponsor. i ahve a salon job work for north west regional and talk on family night a t the outreach to the families about my experinces with drugs. thanks to my higher power.

  33. Hello,
    After reading this section/the comments I wanted to respond to a few of the posts. I think it’s important to note that the long term emotional/behavioral problems associated with opiate recovery are most likely due to damaged neural circuitry. This includes areas of the brain such as the limbic/sub-limbic, frontal lobes etc. which are commonly reduced to “the reward system.” During active addiction these areas of the brain become highly sensitized to opiate stimulation while also becoming highly desensitized to natural reward stimuli. This is the reason that emotional problems such as depression are commonly reported by recovering addict(sometimes even a year after discontinuing opiate use). The damage to the frontal lobes also impairs emotion/behavior regulation and is associated with impulse/anger control. Much of the newer research has shown that post acute withdrawal syndrome may actually last well over a year in some cases of heavy opiate addiction. This is probably the reason why relapse rates are so high in the recovering population. Getting over that one year mark is usually the biggest hurdle in the recovery process for someone suffering from chronic opiate dependence.
    Using mindfulness meditation as well as other cognitive behavioral therapy has shown huge success in managing the emotional/behavioral issues associated with recovery from opiate dependence. I highly recommend that anyone struggling with these issues find a way to incorporate 20-30 minutes of meditation into their daily routine. has a few interesting articles that discuss the current research showing that the daily practice of meditation has many emotional benefits, and can actually change the structure and the functioning of your brain.



  34. i would just like to suggest the research chemical DXM for heroin withdrawel. it is not a miracle cure, but i quit 10 days ago and am not depressed, actually happy.
    when i had not taken heroin for 24 hours and puked a few times, i used 0.4g DXM to induce a trip. the ‘trip’ stopped the cold then hot flushes and the climbing of walls, it also occupies the mind and makes time go quicker. i did not feel too bad for the 24 hours and then did the same dose.24 hours after that i did a final dose. i felt ruff for about 1 more day and then started to feel human. DXM is the same shape as opiates in 2D and kind of screws in the opiate receptors the wrong way round. i do not suggest this is a miracle cure, but it made the difference for me. i smoked atleast 1g of UK heroin a day(pretty good quality) and i really dont miss it. if you have will power, DXM and shop bought pain killers, you can do it.

    please bear in mind, you need to be headstrong to trip 3 days in a row. it is not for everyone(no mental health issues).

  35. So i typed up this long testimony that I was gonna post here, but it was literally pages long, so i’ll sum it up. I am a polydrug addict with a specialty in opioids. I have been on suboxone for over 2 years and have not relapsed. I have also been addicted to cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and ambien. The ambien is no joke, similar in effect to the benzo’s, but I would crush and snort 10-15 10mg tablets a day and more at night. Or put them in solution with cocaine and inject. I’m basically addicted to “drugs” in general, but pills of all sorts are where I’ve done the most damage. When I was using opies i started out taking some norco’s for my hangovers (which were severe, and plenty. thanks to another addiction…)I always hated painkillers, but little did I know that every other male in my family has had SEVERE opiate addiction along with alcohol and benzos. No doubt to genetics come into play, my dad is a dr. who knows his stuff but has also been a victim of addiction. Once i found my way to painkillers things when downhill fast. I went from 2 norco’s a day to 12, then needed more so i moved to oxycontin and other potent, concentrated pills. I quickly found myself in a 12 oc80-a-day habit. keep in mind I was never just on one drug, i always had my staples to go along with my current DOC. This is about when i started injecting and smoking rather than snorting. I began using cocaine morning and night to wake up/party/drink more/get high. Shoot speedballs all day, party all night. I struggled to get off many times, going through severe withdrawals many times as well. I’ve OD’d easily over 50 times. By my end of days with oxycontin I was using 30 oc80’s a day. That was tough, really tough. Its by far the hardest thing i’ve ever done and would never wish wd’s on anyone. Also along the line I began shooting ritalin. I know, it sounds rudimentary, but I ran a prescription scam for 6 months. I would pick up a bottle of benzo’s (all types) and a bottle of ritalin, then load up on benzo’s and start shooting. I would go through 90-120 ritalin in 3 days, and 90-120 valium/xanax every 3 as well. And I would get a new rx for both every 3-4 days. I had nearly unlimited access to all the pills and drugs I ever wanted. I was also hospitalized for losing consciousness and going through extreme wd’s from the uppers and downers. I’ve done my best (tongue in cheek) to kill myself with drugs, but I am alive today and with a purpose. I am currently writing a book and getting certified to be a drug and alcohol counselor. I’ve been studying pharmacology and medecine of all sorts for 10-15 years, especially when I was using I would get high and pour over information. Anyways, I am rambling but its therapeutic to write about these things. I just wanted to share my story, and reinforce what everyone has said about withdrawals. Hardest thing in my life, except dealing with the after effects of my destruction. Its never too late to get things under control, but don’t forget that addiction doesn’t go away when the sickness does. Its a struggle that we will deal with forever. Thanks for reading, so until next time…

  36. I have been using something since I was 18. Pot, to alchahol, to cocaine, to vicodin, roxies, oxies and then used Methadone thinking it will finally help me stop and get back to me. I was wrong. I took 20-40mg a day to start and have tried to stop 3 times with my longest being 11 days. The last few times I relapsed I was only taking 10-20mg a day. This is day 12 and I still feel like shit and am wondering if I have no messed by body up internally because of my years of some kind of abuse. I refuse to go on Suboxone because they say it will be like getting off methadone. I am a very headstrong person who quit alchahol and cocaine use on my own without any DTs. Now I am trying the same here, but this is way to hard. I have found having my MP3 player on 24 hours a day helps me hte best, but really how long until I can just sit without neck, back, headaches. I get so frustrated even though it is not a quick fix, but should be getting better and better by each passing day correct? I have read about something called Toms recipe, any input on if that works?

  37. im currently addicted to oxycontin and barbituates. Im still struggling but im TRYING! Thats all that matters right? Im doing this for my mom and my boyfriend who both love me so very much. I love this site it gives me support and hope. Thank you for helping me start the long and hard process to get clean and tidy.

  38. I have been using drugs since the middle of high school. I was addicted to cocaine so bad it put a huge hole in my septum. I quit coke about 3 years ago. About 2.5 years ago i started using roxies. At first it was one pill every couple of days, then i started doing them more untill i was doing about 120 to150mg a day. I only used on a daily basis for about 3 months.

  39. Did roxies for 2.5 years now. Got up to 120 – 150 mg a day. I quit cold turkey a week ago. Physical symptoms were mild as far as cold sweats, vomiting, nausea, and diarhea. My problem is that i feel like im a minute away from blowing my brains out or jumping off a building. I am soooo depressed and unhappy. I dont go out anymore, i dont want to do anyting, i dont see my friends anymore even when they invite me out. I havent wanted to have sex or anything and im going insane. I want to go back to the old me….the happy guy who would never say no to sex, lol. But for real……how long till the mental goes back to normal, im hoping it doesnt take longer than a month.

    Choose Life…….

  40. I think Im addicted to Tylenol 4 since October 2008. Im in my late twenties with 4 kids. Problem is I have a chronic condition and I’m not sure what to do because the codeine is the only thing that has helped my nerve damage. I’m afraid that my addiction is causing me memory/learning problems as well as motivational problems, etc. I take one and a quarter pill twice a day but am trying to slowly wean myself off. But i dontknow if I can get off because of the pain. Do you think Im having memory troubles/motivational issues from the use or not? Im so confused. Thanks, Olizbith.

  41. Wow, Adi Jaffe, you have some amazing conversations…would it be helpful to recommend to your folks information on neurogenesis and neuroplasticity and how living a brain fit lifestyle can fit into even the earliest stages of recovery…. Thanks for sharing your passion, take care of it. Mike Logan

  42. I just wanted to Comment.. After being on Blues thats what we call them here in Tampa Fl, the pill mill of the USA For 2 years 30mg 275 per Month as prescribed by my pain Dr.. Good”ol Dr Stevens of Holiday FL Get your life back Clinic.. I finally had enough..It was like a cat chasing it’s tail. More and more and more, till I finally said enough! Started on Suboxone.. For me it was a life saver..With out it I would have never gotten off..
    I stopped Thanksgiving day 2010, and as of today I am Blues free.. I still take a Quarter tab of Suboxone
    almost a Crumb.. Almost completely Free.. I also started Celebrex. Why was I not put on that before? 2 back surgeries and 4 Knee operations. No one ever offered me Celebrex! I feel Almost Normal again! I will tell everyone that will listen which ever way you decides to get off of the Blues, Just get off! For me it was Suboxone. Detox is not easy. If it was there would be no Addicts.. I my humble opinion It take several things to get off of the blues. 1. You have to really want to, and I mean Really want too. 2:Suboxone. 3:Really Really want to. It can be done..Prayers to everyone fighting this Disease, and may the Dr over prescribing Go to Jail ! Rob in Tampa

  43. I have been on Subs for the last 3 months. There was no way I could kick dope by myself. After having 4 years clean and then relapsing my habit was a monster. When they say it gets worse believe me it does. We pick up where we left off. After going to the dentist and getting some percs without telling my sponsor I had already relapsed before I put the first pill in my mouth. Of course it was a short trip from pills to Dope. I have mixed feelings abot Subs. I have no cravings and can function at a high level ( I am in the banking industry). My fear is wear does the sub use end? Tapering down, quit full turkey. But for the time being I am functioning.

    • Mike,
      Glad to her Subutex is working for you. My take is continue on it until you feel ready to taper off and then taper very gradually. If done correctly, it can leave you with no drugs, no cravings (aside from sporadic ones due to triggering events, etc.), and a healthy life. I’ve seen it happen many times.

      Dr. Jaffe

  44. I have taken what I think is a different approach since I have not seen it mentioned on message boards. It does involve Buprenophrine though.
    I started taking different pain pills (first percosets, then roxis) very occasionally between 2003-2006. Never got addicted, just enjoyed them when going to a concert, party, etc. never took them at work during this period. I acquired them freely from a close person of mine. But since she was using them for actually pain management I could only take sporadically…
    At some point 2 things happened. I started getting back pains and she started getting more pills for her pain management. Now I started taking every night. When i first discovered daytime withdrawals i should’ve just stopped, but didn’t.
    So anyway in 2008 I was going to travel overseas. probably not a good idea to take these (roxis/oxycontin) with me..without a prescription. so i found a suboxone Dr. and spent 7 months addicted to these. I was honestly down to the tiniest invisible piece (<.5 mg probably) every day or so. Could not get over it for the life of me. I had left the Dr by now cause i didn't believe he was helping me anymore. So at some point in 2009 I'm down to my last full Suboxone. I realized this wasn't going to work for my so I hold it for one day and switched back to the roxis… and then the oxys.
    2 years later brings me to 11 days ago. I must stop.
    My girl comes home with a new patch called Butran. Straight buprenaphrine release at .5 mcgs/hour. Patch last 1 week and equals 5MG bupr total. I have 4 patches… and the suboxone pill i saved from 2 years earlier.
    So here's what my strategy was…
    took my last Oxycontin Saturday afternoon. But Sunday midday i was fidgeting and kicking. Took 4 MG(half) the suboxone i had saved. within hour i felt good. Disoriented and worn but good. Then i stuck on the first Butran patch. I even went to a concert that night and made it whole night without even urge to use.
    Day 2.. went to work!! got the kicks and took small piece of saved suboxone. maybe 1.5mg. not a great day but made it through. at night put on 2nd butran patch.
    day 3.. worst day of them all. went to work but late. smaller piece of sub and put on 3rd patch at night.
    day 4.. getting better. smaller piece of sub again and 4th patch applied at night.
    so now i have equivalent of 20mg of suboxone going to my system at rate of 2mcg/hour. not much but enough to keep me from severe withdrawal and allow me to work.
    Day 5.. no suboxone pill taken. patches still on
    Day 6.. no pill. just patches. feeling better but now realizing what i did to myself for last 6 years.
    Day 7.. finally the weekend i can rest. i survived work all week. went out for dinner and walk. feeling good.
    Day 8.. more rest and then some shopping.
    Day 9.. first patch comes off.
    Day 10.. second patch off. Great exercising and stretching at night.
    Day 11.. today. 3rd patch off.
    tomorrow i will take off last patch and finally be clean for first time in years. My energy is low during the day. Up and down all day. but getting better by the day. I am not depressed. I don't regret a day of doing what I did. I think that i important. I had great times and some not so great times. would've been the same off drugs.
    I just didn't want to have to wake up and take a pill anymore just to feel normal. Take a lot of vitamins. Green Tea. Various herbs. Ibuprophen for the leg cramps.
    Exercise.. and stretch everyday. I think my brain will be back to normal within a few weeks. Just don't get yourself down and don't regret anything. No point and will not help you. I am making plans to be around good friends soon and family and i think that will help naturally release the chemicals my brain needs to get better.
    I know reading other peoples stories all week has really helped me so i finally gave in to telling some of mine.
    Bottom line is i think Suboxone will help the hardcore addict stay off other things for sometime but there is no end to Suboxone. Take just a little of it and only for the few days you need it. Then you are DONE!!! Cold turkey was not an option for me since i had to work. I refused to get addicted to Sub again. Hope this helps.

  45. I moved to nyc like 6mos ago and I go to the meth clinic and have been on suboxone maintence for 3mos now.. Its been 48 days since i last shot heroin which the longest time ive had in almost 3yrs. When i go to visit my family in nj, i have to walk by dealers and its right out in the open and hard to not use if i wasnt on subs i def would be getting high on occasion and granted i relapsed but that was only about 5 days out of 4months and only wen i missed 2days at the clinic and still i could barely feel the dope. Im on 16mg now of the film and i plan on tapering off wen i get to 6mos but i highly doubt the withdrawl will be worse than heroin. ive come off of 8mg subs before and it was horrible feeling but not as bed as dope. And the risk of going to jail, getting shot, robbed, and not knowing if ure getting rat poisoning or infections is eliminated now. And i feel alot better now than i have on dope and i dont get high off subs at all. if your on a proper dose u wont get high and i truly believe that it counts as being clean. it is a synthetic opiate but i kno u can get addicted but its different. im not putting needles in my arm or doing anything illegal. Maybe it doesnt work for some people but Ive met plenty of ppl it has and are still clean bc of it. I would never take methadone again. i took that in detox and had the worst headaches ever and was sick the last two days on it n soaked in sweat every night and worse withdrawl ever which led me to relapse 7th day off of it and thats why i got on suboxone realizing i couldnt do it on my own. And i know i cant get high off heroin while im on subs so i dont bother. if u take it regularly it blocks the heroin and believe me ive tried. you might taste the dope and get a lil rush but its not worth the money id have to spend to buy a tremendous amount of heroin to feel a buzz for a few mins. Ive always called suboxoone the miracle drug cuz wen ever i was goin thru bad withdrawl from heroin wen id take that it was a huge relief and i could go to work and function. I was clean for a month after tapering off subs and overdosed on 5 500 vics and a bottle of rum and like 10 beers n maybe more than that and ended up going back to heroin cuz i figured it was alcohol i needed to stay away from but i know if i was still on the subs i never woulda took the vics in the first place and wouldnt of woke up in the e.r. IF u feel u cant not use then subs are a great way to reduce crazying but is there a way to just get naloxone which is the blocker in subs and i dont think would be addictive then?? thats what i wanted to do initially but i never heard of that. It would be better if they did have that for ppl who already went through withdrawl and were clean but just need something to block the intake of opiates and get u super sick if u do use as a support and incentive to stay clean. I was clean 28days already and over with the withdrawl so that would be nice if they had just naloxone pills.. anyone know if they have something like this ppl can take..I know for alcohol they have naltrexone pills so they should for opiate users.

    • Hi Beth,
      Always great to hear input from people who have actually experienced the benefit of these drugs. I’m glad to hear they’re helping you!

      Dr. Jaffe

  46. i’ve been on opiates since hurricane katrina just for depression, belv it or not it worked but i’ve done things from loratabs to vics to oxys to opanas and alot of them, honestly suboxone helps with the withdrawals and i’ve even had friends whom taken them and even got off them and was good as new, but myself i had a full series of a double detox meaning it took twice as long to be over but it wasnt the normal kicks you get or the full irritation.. i was actually able to get up and do everyday things and not tolerate work but i did stay the whole day and i work in the heat(im a welder) lol so have a little confidence in a substitute but dont abuse it like you do the opiates, im 6’3 245lbs and i made a quarter of one last all day and slept like a baby on it.. The ultrams are also a lil help, on another detox i bought 10 and did 2 every morning and it also lasted me all day, now given everyone is different and our bodies react different than other peoples but ive detoxed a good 30 or 40 times just in a 6 year period but havent made it til now.. im 3 weeks clean now and i have 2 vicodins that ive had in my closet for 3 days and i havent touched them cause im scared that ill go right back into withdrawal stages!! i think they should alltogether take opiates out of this universe cause it really is the devils work and should only be administered thru needles at hospitals and behind locked doors!!! IMO! but have anyone else here ever been thrown back into withdrawals after just taking 2 pills after being clean for 3 weeks?

  47. Broke bones then…Been through roxy,oxy,suboxone…that’s why posting… Worst to dextox from, and will prove. I ran 2 rapid dextox facilities.. Walked out of one because most needed again because of suboxone. Now work at only one that works… Rest are actualy nuts…suboxone, joke. Wont take you if on it. Give you a patch for a month then really detox you.
    Will call back. 727-420-6907

  48. My mom has been addicted to prescription drugs for nearly 40 years. We tried sending her to rehab but it didn’t make any difference. She’s now 70 and has a lot of health problems. She has never wanted help, and still doesn’t. Now she’s addicted to alcohol as well. She’s severely depressed and out of control. Her will to live is zero. She just wants to keep taking drugs and alcohol until she dies. Is there any hope for her?

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