Small town heroin addicts – When drug use and overdose hit smalltown USA

We’ve already talked (see here) about the fact that well-off teens are in no way protected from the damages of drug abuse. We’ve even published a story by a reader who became addicted to heroin after another friend introduced her to snorting oxycontin pills. This recent article, published in the Washington Post, tells the story of a small Virginia town recently hit with their own small heroin epidemic.

cooking heroinWhen all was said and done, the residents of Centreville, VA would be left with 4 deaths and 16 convictions, a sad memory of the quiet town they thought they were living in.

This story is nothing if not a sad reminder that addiction doesn’t discriminate based on any factors we’re familiar with – race, money, age, or political leaning…

Click HERE for a link for some information on what to do in case someone you know is going through a heroin overdose

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  1. Drug usage among teens shows a dramatically increase. We should take the measures before it become a disaster. Wrong friendships are the most interactive situation that cause narcotic habit.. Teens trying to imitate theır friend so they become addicted through this way.. There are lots of histories like this.. Teen must educated carefully about every type of drugs…

  2. I live in a fairly small town on the outskirts of Frederick, Maryland and our drug epidemic is soaring. I am a 22 year out resident and have seen 5 dear people, all my age, die from overdose or depression due to drugs. This is just in the past year and a half. People are dropping like flies. I suffered from addiction myself at the age of 16-19 but have been sober three years now thanks to my family, friends, support system, and my higher power. But now that my town and myself are losing these dear kids i can’t help but to want to do something. I have no idea where to start! On the surface our town looks family oriented, friendly, peaceful, and sweet but there is this whole underground society of kids who are dying one-by-one. Someone help! Where do i start?

    • Hi Krystina and thank you for writing,
      It’s admirable that you want to do something about this trouble that is obviously affecting your town. One starting point would be to talk to the schools in the area and make sure that they are informing kids about specific risks and not just in the DARE, preachy, “just say no” way but in a well informed curriculum that can really help the kids become better informed about what they should, and shouldn’t do in case they use drugs.
      Feel free to email me with more specific questions – My wife is from Boonsboro so I have a personal connection to the area.

  3. Adi,
    Thanks so much for replying. I will definitely be calling schools. I plan to hopefully start some sort of project to help stop the drug use in my area. Whether that be an activity or presentation, etc. Im very passionate and moved by this whole thing. Im sure as this project progresses, more questions will arise and i will be emailing you! Thanks again!

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