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Drug use and partner violence – My MA thesis has finally been published!!

My thesis manuscript has finally be published in a journal called The Open Addiction Journal. You can access the article there or at wepapers, where I’ve published the pdf file of it. Either way, access to the article is free!!

The paper deals with the relationship between violence (specifically partner violence or spousal abuse) and drugs. While research findings have generally supported the notion that drug use leads to violence, I was skeptical, especially having known hundreds of drug users that were far from violent and/or aggressive.  Those who did tend to get into fights and display aggression behaved that way regardless of any drug ingestion. After two long years of data collection and analysis, my work supported my initial hypothesis – An aggressive personality (that we measured using 5 different instruments) was far more predictive of violent behavior than any drug use. In fact, the only drug that predicted any significant change in violent behavior was methamphetamine.

The work was written for academics, but I think that all my readers could benefit from learning about this relationship.

Hope you glance at it – three years of work…

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