New!!! All About Addiction (A3) Newsletter

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to start a monthly (for now) newsletter. The newsletter will include a summary of our best of for the month along with news, tips,  other information about addiction!

You can sign up always by entering your information (the email alone is required but giving your name will help us personalize the content!).

I’m looking forward to sending you more information and continuing the gratifying work we’ve been doing here for the past 2 years.

All the best,

Adi Jaffe

One response to “New!!! All About Addiction (A3) Newsletter”

  1. OK – sign me up for the newsletter… IF it’s not just a repeat of the blog. I get so many things from you and other blogs and SAMHSA and NIDA and everyone else – I don’t know about keeping my own head above water. Or e-mail.

    You are doing a great job. Thanks for doing it.

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