Kids perceive regular marijuana use less risky – Some tips.

The pendulum swings again. After years of decreases in use and in perceptions about use, a recent report indicates that high-school kids are once again beginning to use , and consider less risky the use of, marijuana.

The movement is no doubt part of a semi-regular cycle. After lack of awareness about prescription drugs and a significant increase in their abuse among children, this most recent trend shouldn’t be so surprising as the focus on marijuana has waned.

I think we need quite a bit of research to see if such increases do correlate with significant increases in individuals seeking help for marijuana-use-related problems. Yes marijuana advocates, those people exist whether you like it or not. For some proof, check out this link for a site put together by a recovering marijuana addict.

My quick, short, tips:

  1. If you use weed, use a vaporizer to avoid the toxic fumes that can cause cancer in much the same way cigarette smoke does.
  2. If your use becomes regular, whether daily or multiple times a week, consider talking to someone to help you figure out if you might be developing a problem use pattern. Those are much easier to stop early in their development.
  3. Pay close attention to the interference between your marijuana use and other life-commitments. This is a tale-tale sign of problems.

3 responses to “Kids perceive regular marijuana use less risky – Some tips.”

  1. I really appreciate the non-judgmental approach. I think that by being too instructive can be a major turn-off for the otherwise open-minded teen. Nobody is saying you’re ‘bad’ or and ‘idiot’ here for doing whatever you’re doing, but you definitely make yourself into an idiot by not doing it smart. If you’re learning about marijuana anyways because you’re using it why not do it so it doesn’t screw with your life without you knowing? Hopefully this goes with the same mind-set that you wouldn’t want to end up roofied or drunk beyond your life unknowingly, right? You’d rather have a choice to do so or not? So why not do the same with marjuana? If you’re going to use know what/why you’re using so you don’t have regrets or miss out on the rest of life.
    That being said What about adding a #4. Pay attention to wear you’re marijuana is coming from/what might be added to it?
    Is there anything people can truly do to make sure they’re not getting addicted to other chemicals/drugs by being unconscious shoppers?

  2. When I smoked marijuana at age 13 I was scared afterward so I did a bunch of research to find out what I had done to my brain.

    I found out that I had been lied to by my parents, my teachers, the police and the media. This realization actually made me extremely interested in drugs.

  3. Jenny – in regards to #4, most marijuana isn’t laced nowadays, though you sometimes hear about stuff with pcp mixed in or sprayed with other toxins… As usual with drugs, know your source.

    Brandon, I also did some serious research before embarking on my long drug use road, though that ended long before I got to ecstasy, cocaine, and meth. There’s no doubt that lying parents are probably not going to help anyone. To be perfectly honest, I think most parents aren’t lying, they’re just naive and are as misinformed as everyone else.
    .-= Adi Jaffe´s last blog ..Kids perceive regular marijuana use less risky – Some tips. =-.

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