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Another short word on animal research – Civility, debate, and education

As many of you know, I’m in support of animal research as long as it’s conducted ethically and with concern for the animals’ well-being. That being said, it would be an understatement to announce that there are others who disagree. All well and good as long as people are civilized.

I’ve already written about this topic a bit on here, but I want to point everyone to a great site that focuses specifically on this aspect of research. I think that information and education are important in debate and I hope that people will use this resource.

There will actually be a debate on the topic on the UCLA campus though, as usual, animal extremists have once again betrayed us all by issuing threats and therefore making the event closed to the UCLA community. In a move reminiscent of Orwellian politics, these groups may have realized that open debate will uncover just how dogmatic, extreme, and unnecessary they are and further marginalize them (if that’s possible).

If you are a UCLA student, staff, or faculty member, I urge you to attend.

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