Everyone is talking about Tiger: Is it sex addiction or not?

Okay, I feel like I have to say something what with all the noise and hoopla going on. For the past few weeks even my friends have been coming up with questions, asking if Tiger was really in sex rehab. He was , I’ve got inside sources and even without those, he’d have done it just to save his skin.

But I think the man has a problem. His little speech today shows that he’s been talking about the right kind of stuff and that he is, at least outwardly, committed to changing his life. Still, that could all be show, right?

Want to know why I think he’s being truthful? The man got caught up with 14 different women!!!

I understand cheating, and if you know me personally, you know what I’m talking about, but still, 14 women?! One of my friends tried to compare Tiger to Kobe, but remember when the latter got caught? The fallout there consisted of one of the biggest diamond rings ever seen and little else.

If you haven’t read our posts about sex addiction, start here. Being a sex addict isn’t about being a player, a guy who loves strip clubs, or a kid with a large porn collection. I’d normally say that quantity doesn’t necessarily have to be part of sex addiction, which is also true for substance-based addictions. Also, I haven’t met with Tiger and I can’t diagnose him via press coverage. Still, given the stories that have come out, I’m pretty sure that tiger was spending quite a bit of time being occupied with the lies, deceptions, and planning that had to go into keeping 14 relationships secret.

I mean seriously, the guy’s followed around everywhere, which means he had to put some serious thought into this stuff, and when you hear his communication with the girls, it’s obvious he was telling stories everywhere. That sounds to me like a compulsive acting-out, not just impulsive sort of “why not?”

So Tiger, I hope you’re really getting help because when it comes down to it, you’re going to have quite a climb out of this little sand-trap. At the least, I hope you’ll be feeling a lot better about yourself when this is done, because aside from being a great golfer, it’s going to seem like there’s little else out there you can recognize.

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  1. he is a public figure, very good at his game. During his public appearances, he WILL meet very attractive and sexually desirable women. HOW many of these 14 women came on to him.
    He is a human, when he is out of the playing feel, the temptation is overwhelming..so BIG deal, 14 women. BUT he needs to learn to say NO! At least he did not make anyone knocked up or get critters..
    I have watched him golf, the guy is a freak in golf, BUT he IS a public figure! He uses physics to figure out his next swing. I admire the Mr. Woods and his abilities.

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