Great coverage of the prescription drug abuse problem – The oxycontin express on Vanguard

On the way to New York city to visit my father this morning (he’s not doing so well), I saw an amazing journalistic piece on the prescription drug problem, especially as it relates to loose prescription-record keeping laws in Florida, which is apparently the reason for the five times higher rates of prescription pain medication rates in that state!

We’ve talked about this problem here before, and it’s one of (if not THE) the fastest growing drug abuse problems in this country, but what can I say, Mariana van Zeller knows how to tell a story. I’m now not only a fan of hers but also of the Current TV team, and especially of Vanguard Journalism. I’ll be watching them – you should be too.

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  1. Thank you for your post. The problem of Oxycontin is becoming so prevalent among teens and young adults it is almost reaching epidemic proportions. Treatment centers and rehab facilities are going to have their hands full in the coming years. The withdrawal from these drugs is so severe it is a really hard addiction to break. Thank you once again for your post.

  2. Adi, I can’t believe this!!! As an addiction professional and as a citizen, I am outraged and stunned. My heart goes out to Todd and his family. “Pain management”?! Naw. It’s drug dealing with a medical license. Disgusting. Thanks for making his Vanguard video news piece available.

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