about addiction: smoking, depression, students and treatment

We are back with some great articles that may be of interest to you, so check them out!  There should be new weekly links published every Monday so you are bound to find some relevant articles

From Stop Medicine Abuse:  This article talks about the youth who abuses cough medicine. It states that one in ten youths has intentionally abused cough medicines to get high.

Students and drug addiction

From Vancover Sun:  This article about mental health and addiction discusses the issue of the coexistence of mental health problems and drug addiction.

From Reuters: This text discusses the rising numbers of teen users of smokeless tobacco. According to the article, health experts rised concerns last Wednesday about the growing numbers of teen users.

From Health Day:  This is an article that talks about the link of smoking and depression. People of age twenty and older with depression are twice as likely to smoke than others.

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