About Addiction- marijuana, tanning, tobacco and more

We have some great new weekly links for you to enjoy and learn from this week.  And as always please give us feedback if there are topics you would like to see more/less of in our weekly links and articles so we can best help you.

CNBC: This article talks about the legalization of marijuana. It talks about a poll that found support for legalization to be as high as 56% of those polled.

Center for substance abuse research: College students celebrating their 21st birthday drink more than anticipated. They drink an average of 12 drinks though researchers had predicted about 7 .

AOL StyleList: This article describes a new study that states that tanning is as addictive as drug abuse. The research was conducted using a questionnaires given to 421 students.

And students who tan may be different than others in other ways as well, according to the new study (reported on in Business Week as well), which found that students who tan drink more alcohol and smoke more pot. 42% of tanning addicts reported to use more than one drug in the previous month.

New England Journal of Medicine: This article talks about tobacco product regulation. According to the article, tobacco use causes 400,000 deaths annually in the United States. It talks about the by Obama signed Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

CNN: This article talks about a Nicotine vaccine that is promising. Researchers announced a vaccine that would help smokers stop smoking at a national meeting this week.

Psychology Today: This article states that when someone deals with mental illness and drug abuse his or her treatment is complicated and more difficult. The article states several reasons why it is more difficult to treat mental illness and drug abuse when they are co-morbid.

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  1. Thank you for the list of links. Addiction is such a devastating topic and one that is also very complex. The more information we share with one another about addiction and the latest treatments for addiction the better. Thanks again.

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