Twilight star Chaske Spencer reveals his drug addiction past

Kudos to Spencer, one of the stars of “Eclipse,” the most recent (and last?) movie in the popular Twilight series. Apparently, he told not only the rest of the cast, but now also People Magazine, about his addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Like me, Spencer became one of the “recovered addicts” only after going to jail and then rehab, though unlike me, he’s also acting in multi-million dollar movies, so good for him.

In my recent article about the problem of anonymity in recovery, I alluded to the fact that if more people revealed themselves as recovered addicts, we could go a long way towards reducing the stigma of addiction and giving active addicts hope that their life could one day improve as well! I wasn’t counting on a Twilight star coming out right afterward, but I’m more than happy to have people add themselves to this mix!

Hopefully we’ll start seeing many more people coming out as recovered addicts (maybe even more Twilight actors???). We sure do need the good press!

Spencer, Twilight star, talks about his addiction problems

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