About Addiction: Alcohol, Emergency Rooms, and Prescription Drug Abuse

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Red Bull and Alcohol

The Huffington Post: Red bull is a much caffeinated energy drink and when mixed with liquor, it can diminish the awareness of drowsiness, feelings of un-coordination and intoxication. Studies show the added caffeine only makes you believe that you are more in control.

New York Times: A new zero tolerance policy begins for drunk drivers in New York State. Anyone convicted of misdemeanor or felony drunk driving will be required to install an ignition interlock breathalyze device that does not allow the car to start if it detects a threshold level of alcohol on the breath of the driver.

Join Together: Teens who binge drink could be increasing their risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Adolescent rats who consumed large doses of alcohol suffered genetic damage in areas related to bone formation

Hospital and Emergency Room Admissions

The Herald: Hospital admission for heroin and cocaine overdose increased in Glasgow in four years. There is a rise for the most serious drugs including heroin, cocaine, methadone and morphine and codeine.

AOL health: In 2007, around 12 million Americans visited an emergency room for a mental disorder or/and substance abuse problems. One out of every 8 patients seeking help came in because of drugs or a mental health issue.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The Salt Lake Tribune: Prescription drug abuse is America’s fastest growing drug problem. An estimated 6.2 million people report having misused prescription drugs in the past month. Prescription drug abuse increased in Utah.

Prescription drug abuse up 400%:Here are two different links to articles discussing this through ABC and The Huffington Post.

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