About Addiction: Drug Violence, Brain Chemistry, and Addiction

We’re back again for another round of research and news about addiction. Violence, eating disorders, and why running makes you feel so good are on the menu this week.

Drug Violence and Misuse

Associated Press– Drug violence has been an ongoing problem in numerous countries around the world for some time. Drug violence in Mexico is particularly bad, as many as 28,000 people have been killed since 2006 alone. Due to the increasing amount of drug deaths and the violence that drug cartels have brought about, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon has considered legalizing drugs in order to prevent any more deaths in the future.

Drugs (journal) – Laxatives are not one of the common drugs that people think about when they think of drug abuse. But laxative abuse is a common practice among: those with eating disorders, middle ages individuals who use laxatives to prevent constipation and end up over using the drug, athletes, and laxative abusers who tend to think they have a factitious disorder

Mixing Alcohol and Medications

Addiction Inbox– Everyone should know that mixing alcohol with medications is a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean that everyone follows this rule – with approximately 70% of the populations consuming alcohol, taking drugs while drinking is almost inevitable. Read about the many reasons why it’s still a really bad idea.

Physiological aspect to addiction

NeuroKuz– While the “runner’s high” was thought to be created by an internal release of natural opioids known as “endorphins,” it seems that cannabinoids, which work on the same receptors as THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), are responsible for the effect.

Addiction Training

Addiction Inbox– The topic of addiction is often glossed over in medical school and in many instances the doctors blame the person for their addiction problem instead of attempting to intervene. Addiction training is so poor that 90% of doctors misdiagnose or cannot identify addiction when the signs and symptoms are clearly displayed.

Intervene – Addiction is no easy thing to deal with – Even getting a person to admit that they are an addict is a personal struggle. Intervene tells a brief summary one individual’s story of dealing with addiction and how he struggled to try to live a positive and normal life while regretting all the pain he caused during his active addiction.

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