About Addiction: Laws, prescription drug monitoring, a cheap high, and stigma. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan again, sort of

Yes, we’re back again with another collection of links to stories about addiction. These are a few of our favorite addiction stories for the week.

Prescription drug monitoring and drug laws

Boston– Individuals who go prescription-drug shopping in Massachusetts are going to be having a harder time after the recent introduction of this prescription monitoring program. The prescription database will be updated weekly and inform pharmacists of suspicous activity. Hopefully this system will aid in  reducing prescription-drug deaths in the future.

The Nation– Obama is changing the law when it comes to the selling of crack. He increased the weight of crack cocaine that results in a five-year sentence to twenty-eight grams (i.e., an ounce), thereby reducing the crack/powder ratio to eighteen to one.  This eliminates the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for simple possession (without intent to distribute) of crack cocaine. Obama did this in an attempt to roll back the drug war, which in some ways is a war on drug addicts.

Inhalants, solvents, and a cheap high

USA Today-What happens when you don’t have enough money to pay for your drugs? In Mexico, people are mixing solvents (i.e., inhalants), which are cheap and readily available. Unfortunately, as we’ve written before, there are some serious risks involved with inhalant abuse. I guess that taking in chemicals meant to strip metal isn’t good for you!

Addiction Stigma

SF Chronicle– Should recovered drug addicts still be stigmatized because of their past? This seems to be the case in a school in Rhode Island where a mother who was a former heroin addict is not allowed to volunteer at her child’s school. She can’t do things that will influence the children such as chaperone fieldtrips, read to kids, or take out the trash, the only thing this mother can do is donate school supplies. A pretty unfair rule if you ask me! She has decided to sue the school department due to this unfair treatment.

UKDPC– Stigma is very influential as it often determines how individuals see themselves and others in society.  This article attempts to show that the label of being a problem drug user ultimately causes an individual to be seen by the public as nothing other than a drug addict. The stigma itself may make them less likely to seek treatment.

New Rehab Center to Open

SF Chronicle– Lindsay Lohan’s father has announced plans to open a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. He wants to help his daughter with her prescription drug addiction . The facility would use holistic treatments in order to  help patients to not  use prescription drugs to get over their addictions.

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