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Stress, PTSD, and a sex doll

Addiction Inbox– After many years of fighting in a war solders often experience post traumatic stress when they return to living their civilian life. There is no known cure for PTSD but there are medications that alleviate the stress experienced by many. Seroquel is prescribed to treat PTSD but  there have been many reported cases of  abuse of the drug. In this story, Dirk covers some of the facts, and consequences of duch drug abuse among PTSD soldiers.

Orange News– Talk about not getting over a breakup ! An Italian man paid  £12,000 to recreate a sex doll of his ex girlfriend. The man wanted the doll to look exactly like his ex though with some enhanced features. Is this sex addiction or simply a case of someone going a little too far after a tough experience? I don’t know but it’s worth a read.

Alcohol abuse facts and fiction 

Irish Times– The Maliebaan centre, has a unique way of  dealing with the care and rehabilitation of alcoholics. They believe that its residents will never stop consuming alcohol and therefore they try to help them end the dangerous binge-drinking by controlling their alcohol intake. Clients are allowed to order up to five liters of beer daily, with an hour between each half liter. The bar opens at 7.30am and closes at 9.30pm, and the only criterion for being served is that the drinker must be able to get up themselves from their chair, walk to the counter and be able to hold their half-liter glass steady. Hey, they are Irish!

Breaking the cycles– Reducing the drinking ages does not stop abuse of alcohol for individuals who are underage. Lisa talks about the reality of underage alcohol abuse in Europe.

Personal addiction stories and Addiction research drug facts

Popeater- Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about her previous drug addiction and tells how recovery was the single greatest accomplishment of her life. She said that without her recovery her life would have fallen apart. She thinks that recovery is an acceptance that your life is in a shambles and you have to change it. Curtis was previously addicted to painkillers but she has been sober for over ten years.   

PsyPost– A protein which is linked to mental retardation may be the controlling factor in drug’s effect in the brain. A study found that a protein known as methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) interacts with a type of genetic material known as microRNAto control an individual’s motivation to consume cocaine. It is thought that MeCP2 may regulate vulnerability to addiction in some people through its inhibitory influence on miR-212. Without this influence, the expression of miiR-212 would be far greater in response to cocaine use, and the risk of drug abuse and addiction would likely be far lower.

Everything Addiction– Ezlopitant, a drug that has been shown to decrease preference for alcohol, has been found to decreased appetite in rodents, indicating another link supporting the relationship between alcohol and drug addiction and compulsive eating.

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