About Addiction: Drinking age, Drugs and violence and Addiction Treatment

What did you already learn about addiction today? I bet we can double, no wait, triple that in this post alone!!! Check out this week’s coverage of the most interesting, and informative online content about addiction.

Drinking Limits and the (really) young

Telegraph– Sir Terry Leahy, an owner of Britain’s largest super market chain, wants to change the drinking laws in order to prevent teens from becoming binge drinkers. Leahy points out that a lot of alcohol is consumed in homes, so he wants to create a law which will raise the age in which children can drink in the home. Currently, children can legally drink at home as early as 5 years of age. I hope they’re not throwing keg-parties that early!

Drugs, sex, violence, and more young

USA Today- Researchers in Scotland found that when an anti-smoking bans was in place the number of children hospitalized for asthma dropped 18% in the first year and they saw a decline in heart attacks. I guess their anti-smoking campaigns work better than U.S. ones.

Addiction Inbox-Check out this article on the effects of different drugs on sexual performance.

Decoder– This site give tips and tricks for raising drug free teens, it is a good read that includes tips on teachable moments, showing how you care, tips for talking about potential alcohol and drug use, and knowing what kids are facing today. Do keep in mind that about 80% of children engage in some kind of deviant behavior during their teens.

Fox News– Two of Mexico’s rival drug gang leaders have been captured, possibly marking the beginning of a new era in the country’s drug war. Many drug lords  have started surrendering, and “the criminals are no longer putting up resistance” when surrounded, according to a leader of Mexico’s anti-drug-cartel campaign. As we’ve written on A3, more than 28,000 people have died in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon launched the offensive against drug cartels soon after taking office in 2006, it would be nice if the drug war is soon over.

Addiction Treatment

Join together– Is it fair that older adults have to pay more for treatment? Substance-abuse treatment admissions for individuals who are  50 and older  has more than doubled between 1992 and 2008.  This can be attributed to unemployment,   homelessness, and the aging baby-boomer population. Maybe it’s the 60’s catching up with everyone.

Breaking the cycles– When individuals are several months into recovery from addiction there are often feelings of  anxiety, of being unsettled or worried, and all these emotions can affect  a person’s long-term recovery. One of the major reasons for this is worrying about financial matters. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission tries to help Americans in debt through its helpful website, Knee Deep In Debt.

News stories about addiction

The Hollywood reporter– Pat O’ Brien writes a letter to Lindsay Lohan asking her to look at her life and try to live in a way that will benefit her.

Justice Policy Institute– It has been reported that crime is down in all regions of the country. This is being attributed to reductions in incarceration times brought about by the tough economic reality. Policy makers apparently realized that locking people up for long periods of time is not smart economically and apparently this decrease in incarceration has brought with it a reduction in crime.

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