Are AA and addiction- or alcohol-treatment destroying the social life of Americans?

There’s no doubt that alcoholics, and addicts, keep life interesting for those around them. True, interesting doesn’t always mean fun, or good, but there’s no doubt that once you take the alcohol away from the resident group drunk, some parties tend to lose a little spark… Well, count on The Onion to give us a little segment that addresses this issue in the classic Union style.

Even though drug and alcohol abuse are serious matters, I think that unless one can have a little fun and laughter, even at one’s own expense, then we’re somehow missing the point. With that in mind, check this one out!

AA Destroying The Social Lives Of Thousands Of Once-Fun Americans

5 responses to “Are AA and addiction- or alcohol-treatment destroying the social life of Americans?”

  1. Feels weird. If someone has taken their lives in a different direction, and it is a life saving move, why would anyone want to interfere? If your friends or family don’t accept any change you’ve made in your life, they aren’t your friend and don’t have unconditional love or support for YOU. They want you to be who they need you to be. Get NEW friends and family! I have some friends who are more loving and supportive than OLD friends and family. They have unconditional love and support, and don’t insist that I be who they are more somfortable with.

  2. People suffering from addictions need all the help they can get. Becoming sober is a necessary step for many. Becoming detached from people, places, or things to achieve sobriety is a step many take to achieve this. Perhaps teaching people how to be sociable without total detachment is a necesary aftercare step.

  3. This is a pretty funny video… serious subject, but funny video. I think, discounting alcoholics, people just seem to be more open, and outrageous when there’s alcohol. I’ve been to parties where there’s no alcohol and ppl just act stiff. It’s a huge difference. people just dunno how to socialize without it.

  4. the detachment and self centered approach post rehab and involving AA destroyed my relationship with the father of my unborn child…he up and deserted me and my three children after I helped get him into rehab and dealt with his alcohol filled anticts for a year..when he decided he needed nothing more then his AA groupies helping him feel bad for himself, patting him on the back and sympathizing with him on his road to ‘recovery’..steer the boat..nevermind those left in your wake. mine and my kids lives, including his daughter I am carrying, will never be the same

    • I am sorry to hear about your experience Johanna. There’s no doubt that some people in AA end up putting as much time into the program as they ever did into their addiction. Unlike using drugs, that sort of behavior is greatly reinforced and can still lead to issues as you’ve pointed out. The good news is that many people stop behaving this way after some time, but there are no gurantees. It’s often dependent on the people around them and how aware those individuals are of the need to reintegrate into social life outside of recovery-based peer support.
      Good luck!

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