Miley Cyrus and Salvia – Hallucinations in the limelight

Miley CyrusHello there Miley Cyrus, welcome to young adulthood live on TMZ. Our readers probably remember our coverage of Salvia (Salvinorin A) a few months ago but who would have thought that one of the additions to those YouTube videos of kids getting high on this legal hallucinogen would be joined by the American sweetheart Miley Cyrus? I know I wouldn’t have thought it.

Still, let’s all keep in mind that the Salvia Miley was smoking was fully legal (as long as you believe her publicists who would obviously never lie), something a few steps removed from her smoking a cigarette now that she’s 18 (even though Salvia is even less restricted).

I’m wondering what the fallout will be – Lord knows that in the media crazy America it’s hard to predict how fans will react to this kind of stuff. If my Huffington Post article on the topic is any indication, people are still pretty excited/upset about this one.

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