About Addiction: Alcohol and the Elderly, Oxycontin, and Drug Stigma

Are you ready for some more exciting information about addiction? Well, it’s here anyway so you might as well look. We try to make A3 the central place where you can find out about addiction matters (saving you the typing work) so if there are any topics we’re not covering, make sure to write us!

Drugs- Reducing Stigma, and Oxycontin

Victoria NewsStigma is often discussed when talking about addiction. The stigma a drug user is stamped with often deters them from seeking treatment. AIDS Vancouver Island is promoting Anti-Stigma Week, which runs until Feb. 14. Hopefully an activity like anti-stigma week will allow individuals to leave behind their fears about being stigmatized and seek treatment for their addictions.

ERRC-Increasing amounts of Oxycontin abuse and addiction may push the use of medical marijuana. Oxycontin is prescribed as an opiate narcotic painkiller, at times when a milder alternative is not available. The medical marijuana advocates stresses that they want doctors to be able to prescribe marijuana as an alternative to narcotic painkillers like Oxycontin.

Foundations for a Drug Free World-This article gives you the perspective of how drug dealers think about getting individuals to take drugs. Looking at teens, 55% said that they started using drugs because they were getting pressure from friends.   The article promotes the notion that drug dealers will do anything to make a profit so in some instances they say that drugs can “help you fit in” or “expand your mind”. I’m not so sure about comparing peer-pressure to drug dealing or drawing any parallels between the two, but I’ll leave it up to you to draw conclusions.

Sky News -A perfume advertisement that was supposed to depict a woman showing her sexuality has been banned because it is thought to show a woman stimulating drug use. In the commercial a voice over states  “I am your addiction. I am Belle D’Opium. The new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent.” The issue was the model running her finger down her inner arm which could be seen to simulate the injection of opiates into the body. We might have gone too far here… What do you think?

Alcohol and the elderly

EmpowHER– Alcohol abuse among the elderly is a growing problem. Many older individuals drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol and do not seek treatment when this becomes a problem. Elderly men who live alone are more prone to alcohol abuse than women, and those with higher educational statuses have been associated with excessive alcohol consumption when they are older.

Substance Abuse Treatment- Personalized Rehab, and Affordable Inpatient Treatment Centers

People– After partying and a trip to the hospital Charlie Sheen going back into treatment for third time. However this time he wants to have a more personal treatment. Dr. Drew Pinsky commented on this saying, “Treatment of addiction is a group process when done properly – not an individual thing at all.” Other individuals such as  Ken Seeley thinks that individual settings may be better than group treatments stating, “When you’re in a facility, you’re in a bubble,” he says. “You’re not in everyday reality. When you go home, there’s a transition period that is pretty delicate and a lot of people relapse at that time.” Both men bring up very good points and only time will tell which process is indeed better.

Squidoo– Many people who are seeking treatment for an addiction are deterred by the belief that  inpatient substance abuse program are expensive.  This may be true to some programs but is not true for all of them. This article gives some suggestions to help pay for inpatient treatment such as insurance, student or veteran benefits, aid payment plans, and help through a person’s job. We touch on these very issues in our development of our Rehab-Finder.

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