About Addiction: Prescription Medication, Alcoholic Energy Drinks, and Video Games

If you want to learn about addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of our discoveries for online content about addiction.

Prescription Medication

Psy Post- Ever encounter prescription labels that warn you to not drive when you are using it ? Well this is good advice because prescribed medications are responsible for over 3 percent of automobile accidents in France.  Driving performance is classified into 4 levels of risk, from level 0 (no or negligible risk) to level 3 (major risk).

Alcoholic Energy Drinks, and Drug Labs

Alcoholic energy drinks – Texas has taken one step in the path to preventing youthful individuals from easily accessing alcohol by taking alcoholic energy drinks off the market.  These drinks are so dangerous because not only do they have the ill effects that is produced by alcohol but they also have the effects of energy drinks producing a phenomenon of a “wide awake drunk”.

Everything Addiction– Police officers have arrested three individuals at Georgetown university due to a potential connection with a suspected drug that was discovered by the dorms because of a foul odor. The drug that was being produced was DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is a hallucinogenic, psychedelic drug.

Addiction Acceptance

Addiction Recovery Blog– One major issue that comes to the minds of individuals who are struggling with addiction is acceptance.  Accepting you have a problem is often the hardest part. Read this  blog to learn a interesting perspective on what acceptance truly means when dealing with addiction.

The Media Marketing of Alcohol and Video Games

The Huffington Post– The media has always been know for selling products using sex appeal to the public. This may be a very great strategy however when it is for something such as alcohol it can produce ill effects in the long run. Check out this video that uses three SNL individuals and their humor to sell Rokk Vodka.

Psy Post- Video games often are often discussed as having negative effects, but a new study on gaming and health in adolescents found that overall video games had no negative health consequences of gaming and that gaming was linked to lower odds of smoking. When this was applied to girls however, gaming was associated fighting and carrying a weapon to school. The study found that most adolescents game without any ill effects, however for a small proportion (4.9%), the behavior may becomes problematic.

Quitting Smoking, and Preventing Teenage Binge Drinking

Addiction Inbox– Have you ever smoked and wanted to quit? Have you ever quit and been unsuccessful? This article give an excellent account of the variety of methods that one individual used when he was attempting to quit smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking yourself check out this article and test these methods out!

Breaking the cycles-If you are a parent and would like to prevent your child from engaging in underage drinking then this article is for you! Ten strategies that you can engage in to try to prevent underage drinking among your teenager are: Modeling moderation, not tailgating when kids are present, being educated about how much alcohol your drink contains, not drinking and driving, knowing about adolescents brain development, knowing how much alcohol is in the house, changing certain rules, finding time to hang out, offering alternatives to alcohol, and talking early and often about the ill effects of alcohol.

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