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A3 Academy: Low-cost but high-value addiction help!

The A3 Academy will be taking place again this upcoming Tursday- September 29th, 2011 – In West Los Angeles (2001 Barrington Ave., Suite 204)

The topic for this week – This week we will have a process group so come ready to share with everyone in a safe, supportive environment!

Cost – The cost for the class is $30.

Who should come to the A3 Academy?

The A3 Academy is specifically formulated to fill the void between doing nothing about addiction and formal addiction treatment.

If you’re wondering whether you’re addicted or if know for sure you are but aren’t sure what to do about it, the A3 Academy is for you. If a loved one close to you is suffering with addiction and you don’t know what to do about it and want to talk, learn about options, or just listen to others, the A3 Academy can offer you the addiction help you need. If you’re an addiction professional who wants to learn more about the newest advances in addiction research, come to the A3 Academy. If you’re an addict in recovery post-treatment and just want an informal place for your recovery booster-shot, come to us.

Dr. Jaffe is going to use the A3 Academy to offer addiction help of all kinds – educational groups, informational sessions, process groups, life planning, mindfulness, nutrition, expert consultation with leading addiction experts from the Los Angeles area and beyond. If it has to do with addiction, we’ll probably cover it.

And Dr. Jaffe is a great speaker – if you’ve never attended one of his lectures, you’ll be sure to enjoy these as he gets to let loose with his knowledge, experience, and passion!

Addiction education is one of the main keys to improving addiction treatment, reducing addiction stigma, and helping those unsure about their own issues around addiction.

For tickets – go HERE or email us at


We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The A3 team!

Watch the A3 Academy Class right here:

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