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A3 Academy Intro Workshop – Level 1&2

Here at All About Addiction (A3), we take the issue of compulsive behaviors – addiction, anxiety, eating, sex, gambling, working, and more – very seriously. We believe that they are all related to one another and we’ve developed a treatment system that aims to quickly introduce clients to a number of tools that can help them make a difference in their lives quickly.

We’re going to hold an introductory workshop, one that addresses the issues, introduces everyone to the A3 Academy system, and takes you through levels 1-2 (of our 10-level system) all in a five hour workshop. See here for tickets – A3 Academy Tickets – for now, only those of you in Los Angeles will be able to attend, but in the future, to make sure we can help addicts everywhere, we’ll bring live streams back.

We’re going to keep the groups small, no more than 10 people per session, and there’s no long term commitment unlike with other treatment options. Anyone can attend this workshop – people struggling with compulsive behavior or addiction themselves, family members of loved ones who are struggling, or even those of you who are just interested and want to hear more.

We won’t make you label yourself (addict, ex-addict, whatever) and we won’t be asking you to commit to anything more than those 5 precious Saturday hours. We’re so sure that people will enjoy the workshop that we’ll offer you a money back guarantee – attend and feel like you got nothing? We’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and helping you become the best you possible.

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