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  • Emotional eating: A possible connection for food addicts

    Co authored by: Jamie Felzer Do you ever stuff yourself beyond capacity because you are depressed, feeling inadequate or self conscious? Are you a perfectionist with difficulty expressing and realizing your feelings, instead turning to food to take out your frustrations? If so, you may be linking strong emotions and eating- taking your inability to […]

  • About addiction: Meth, pregnancy, codependency, and ADD

    Here’s a new set of articles about addiction that are worth taking the time to read. As usual, don’t forget that if you click the title of this post, you’ll get a list of posts on our site that are related to this week’s links (below the post). Breaking The Cycles: To Talk or Not […]

  • The brain-addiction connection : Neurons and neurotransmitters

    As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, while many people experiment with, or use, drugs at some point in their lives, only a small percentage (between 10%-15%) develop chronic drug abuse and dependenceĀ problems. While some of the specifics of what makes one person more likely to move from recreational use to addiction are still being […]

  • Please help us raise the funds for our new hotline!!!

    Hi everyone, I’m starting a new addiction placement hotline that will help those seeking treatment find the best option for them. It’s free to use, but it’s going to cost money to run, so we’re looking for a little help. Please go to our page set up for this here and give as much, or […]

  • We’re Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, We’re very sorry for the techincal difficulties over the last 5 days. It took some work, but we’re back on thanks to my amazing programmer’s help šŸ™‚ Hope you’ll keep reading!

  • About addiction: Cancer, religion, inhalants, and opiates.

    Here is this week’s crop. Once again, I tried to find posts about addiction from all different angles, check out the post by clicking the title and you’ll get some extra related posts from our site! PhysOrg – Acetaldehyde in alcohol – Cancer in a bottle GentlePath – Recovery for atheists From the White House […]

  • About addiction: Animal research, food addiction, policy, and cocaine addiction

    Here are this weeks gems when it comes to learning about addiction. As usual, if you click this title’s post, you’ll get a list of our related post as a bonus! Adventures in Ethics and Science – A nice post about the current state of the animal-rights dialog Addiction Inbox – Mood Foods (and their […]

  • 10,000 strong and counting!!!

    We’re glad to report that has just crossed the 10,000 visitors threshold!!! I want to thank all of our readers, subscribers (see our feed!), and contributors for making this blog as successful as it’s been. Next up, 50,000!

  • About addiction: Prescription overdose, legalization, methadone, and the brain.

    Here are this week’s must reads posts about addiction. Don’t forget to click the title for our related posts! From the other allaboutaddiction (.net) – Overdose deaths due to prescription medication From Addiction Inbox – The economics of drug legalization From Addiction Tomorrow – A great balanced post about methadone From Physorg – The neurological […]

  • About addiction: Bankers, courts, Obama, and painkillers

    Hey everyone, here’s another roundup of some good links about addiction from around the globe – Addiction today – U.S. bankers seek treatment Breaking the cycles – Offender sentencing that makes sense Addiction tomorrow – Obama says NO to legalization Physorg – FDA cracks down on unapproved narcotic painkillers Don’t forget to look at our […]