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  • Ellen and Gladis – Alcoholic and funny

    I don’t normally like to make fun of the disease of alcoholism, but sometimes, you just have to let go and enjoy the entertainment. Check out this video from the Ellen DeGeneress show, in which she talks to Gladis, an avid watcher who wrote in. Gladis (the funny alcoholic, I wasn’t saying anything about Ellen […]

  • VOTE FOR All About Addiction!!! We need you votes for this Health Blog contest!!!

    Wellsphere is having a contest for the best health-related blogs on the net. I know we’ve made an impact on some of our readers and many of you have told me so personally by email. By sharing my own story and knowledge about addiction I hope to make a difference in as many lives touched […]

  • New features – subscribe to comments

    We’ve added a “subscribe to comments” feature for all our posts and pages. When you submit a comment, or even if you just want to follow a thread, enter your email address and future comments will be automatically forwarded to your email! COOL!!!

  • Montana Meth

    A very powerful ad campaign from Montana about the dangers of meth use (thanks to Mike at addictiontomorrow for exposing me to it). Like most advertising, and indeed most media presentations of drug users, the content is a little too stylized, but the point is pretty clear. I would like to point out that while […]

  • Recent online mentions

    Our blog has recently been mentioned in a few places on the web including: Some Chick’s Blog – A great online resource for meth specific information. Last I heard the author was working on a meth Wiki that would allow people to educate themselves about this destructive drug. and Addiction Recovery Basics – Bill’s great […]

  • Neuroscience updates!!!

    Hey readers! We’ve just passed the 6000 visitor mark and our readership is growing steadily. I want to thank everyone who regularly check the site and welcome those of you who are here for the first time. I’m in DC right now, attending the annual meeting of the Society For Neuroscience ( I have been […]

  • Do you like the new look?!?!

  • New Addiction Forum!!!

    Hey everyone, I started a new forum where people can get together and discuss issues related to addiction. The link is here, but you can also find it in the blogroll on the right sidebar or in the pages link above the blog (under the header)…. I hope the forum will provide a way for […]

  • Making a difference one post at a timeā€¦ Helping drug users

    Hi everyone, I’ve been wanting to do something to help drug users for a long time now, so instead of just thinking about it, I’ve decided to go ahead and give this a try. I’m a doctoral student at UCLA working on my PhD in psychology. I’ve been studying issues related to drug-addiction, sex-addiction, and […]