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Dr. Adi Jaffe is one of the world’s premier addiction experts. He puts his knowledge and experience to use by helping those who are struggling, and their families, get well and address their deepest problems. With Dr. Jaffe at your side, you can get better starting now.

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We offer the following services to get you the addiction help you need:

  • Rehab matching helpWe can help you sift through the endless options of rehabs to find the ones that match your needs. This includes specific treatment needs, budget, and health insurance specifications. We know what works and we know who offers it – Once we talk to you, we can help you find your own solution!
  • Legal case drug-treatment advocacyMost criminal offenses involve drugs. We can help your lawyer plead your case, providing comprehensive assessment of your problem, documentation for the judge, and offerring appropairte treatment help (through placement or our online programs). We’ll stand next to you in court and help make sure that you get the treatment you need!
  • Addiction education consulting – If all you need is a little more insight into your, or your loved one’s, difficulties with drugs, sex, or food addiction, we can help. We can put together a comprehensive educational guide specific to your problems. We’ll help you make sense of the trouble you’re going through using the latest knowledge from the best sources.

If you need the above, or any other help having to do with quitting your addiction, please contact us at OR call 888-557-7217.

We’re here to support you and your loved ones in creating a beautiful life!

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