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  • Stop it – You’re not addicted to “The Bachelor”

    I hear people talking about their addictions all the time. If they know that I’m an addiction expert it’s even worse… “I’m addicted to ‘The Bachelor’!” one girl exclaimed to me once. Others have “confessed” more standard addictions to their Blackberry, chocolate, or even frozen yogurt. I’m usually nice to the the guilty parties, but […]

  • About Addiction: Addiction Treatment, distress, kids with drugs, and your brain

    This week our wrap-up includes articles about addiction, sometimes in kids, and the stress that can often accompany them As usual, we’ll educate you in 30 seconds flat and give you a window to this week’s hot stories. Addiction treatment access Boston Globe – Read about the often sad reality of American soldiers who become […]

  • “Addicted” – Recovered and Helping: The reality (tv) of addiction treatment.

    With the success of shows like A&E’s Intervention and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, America has shown an almost insatiable appetite for television programs that deal with addiction. Whether this reflects the breadth and depth of the addiction problem in this country or a national appetite for tragedy and schadenfreude is open for debate, but […]

  • How doctors treat doctors with drug use problems: Addiction treatment that works

    Physician Health Programs (PHP) are reporting an astonishing success rate when it comes to providing addiction treatment for addicted doctors: Only about 20% of doctors ever test positive after being admitted to the program within a 5 year period. More than 70% maintain their license and continue working within the same 5 year period. These […]

  • Addicts’ brains depressed but normal users… normal.

    A paper that’s about to be published in the journal Science has found at least part of the difference between the brains of addicted individuals and those that use recreationally. The question as to why only some people get addicted to drugs has been a difficult one to answer. Still, there’s no doubt that only […]

  • Is anonymity the final shame frontier in addiction?

    I’m a drug addict and a sex addict, and as far as I’m concerned, staying anonymous let’s me remain buried in shame, and a double life, that keeps me always one step ahead of those close to me. Did I say too much? Did I give away my secrets? None of those  questions matter when […]