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  • VOTE FOR All About Addiction!!! We need you votes for this Health Blog contest!!!

    Wellsphere is having a contest for the best health-related blogs on the net. I know we’ve made an impact on some of our readers and many of you have told me so personally by email. By sharing my own story and knowledge about addiction I hope to make a difference in as many lives touched […]

  • About addiction: Genetics, sugar, drinking, and more.

    These are some useful articles about addiction I’ve found online. While they cover some topics we’ve discussed on here, I think it’s always better to be more educated! From Addiction Recovery Basics – Personality Vs. Genetics From Beating Addictions – A little Q & A about sugar addiction From Breaking the Cycles – A new […]

  • Recent online mentions

    Our blog has recently been mentioned in a few places on the web including: Some Chick’s Blog – A great online resource for meth specific information. Last I heard the author was working on a meth Wiki that would allow people to educate themselves about this destructive drug. and Addiction Recovery Basics – Bill’s great […]