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  • Coffee’s darker side: What do you expect from caffeine?

    Do you think of caffeine as a drug? A highly addictive drug? If so, you are in the minority, but you’re also correct. Why is caffeine considered addictive? Caffeine is an addictive drug that produces several of the same withdrawal symptoms as many other drugs typically considered as dangerous and addictive (i.e. tobacco, cocaine, heroin). […]

  • About Addiction: Heroin, Alcohol, Smoking, and Coffee

    New, interesting, informative articles about addiction to heroin, alcohol, smoking, and coffee drinking . We have some new sites with links listed here. Give us your feedback on what you like! Heroin and opiate addiction Cesar Fax: The number of admissions to state-funded substance abuse treatment facilities citing opiates other than heroin as substance of […]