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  • Evolution of Addiction Treatment – California learning

    Addiction conferences are getting more and more common, and quite a few nowadays showcase the talents of some very knowledgeable, and renowned, addiction experts. Coming from the academic side of things, I’ve been to conferences held by the American Psychological Association, the American Public Health Association, the Society for Neuroscience, and the College on Problems […]

  • West Cost Symposium on Addictive Disorders – Addiction education with A3 discount

    You already know how much of a supporter of addiction education and training I am. I think that there are thousands of ways to treat any given addict and unless those of us in the addiction treatment profession keep up with information, we’re neglecting our clients and giving them less than a full chance at […]

  • Neuroscience updates!!!

    Hey readers! We’ve just passed the 6000 visitor mark and our readership is growing steadily. I want to thank everyone who regularly check the site and welcome those of you who are here for the first time. I’m in DC right now, attending the annual meeting of the Society For Neuroscience (sfn.org). I have been […]