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  • About Addiction: Drinking age, Drugs and violence and Addiction Treatment

    What did you already learn about addiction today? I bet we can double, no wait, triple that in this post alone!!! Check out this week’s coverage of the most interesting, and informative online content about addiction. Drinking Limits and the (really) young Telegraph– Sir Terry Leahy, an owner of Britain’s largest super market chain, wants […]

  • Drug legalization – For, against, and in between options

    A recent assembly bill in California is the latest legal proposal that the state begin to regulate, and collect taxes, on marijuana. This is one of the first bills for drug legalization we’ve had in a while. Most of my readers probably assume that I believe drugs have no place in our society, but this […]

  • Demand & Money: Why Mexican drug cartels aren’t losing this war.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but the Mexican drug war isn’t going to be won anytime soon, not while there’s black market demand for narcotics over here in the good old U.S. of A. The reasoning isn’t complicated and it shouldn’t take a RAND foundation study, or a man of […]

  • And the winner is… Cocaine: The US-Mexico drug war.

    This post is based on an amazing broadcast I heard on KPCC, a local NPR radio-station; the story was part of Zocalo radio. In the story, Dr. Josh Kun spoke about the struggles of the war on drugs and the recent massive casualties on the southern side of the border. I had talked about this […]