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  • Should all drugs be decriminalized? A UK debate

    Bob Ainsworth, a senior UK politician, calls for a policy of decriminalizing all drugs to replace the failing War on Drugs. What might a system of decriminalization look like and could decriminalization better place us to meet public health and crime targets than under the current system of prohibition?

  • Miley Cyrus and Salvia – Hallucinations in the limelight

    Hello there Miley Cyrus, welcome to young adulthood live on TMZ. Our readers probably remember our coverage of Salvia (Salvinorin A) a few months ago but who would have thought that one of the additions to those YouTube videos of kids getting high on this legal hallucinogen would be joined by the American sweetheart Miley…

  • Salvia, a popular hallucinogen that is much shorter-acting than LSD

    Co-authored by Jamie Felzer If I were a betting person (I’m not really), I’d bet that most of you have been to YouTube before. For some of us the video site provides good information and for others it’s an endless source of comedy.  Either way, YouTube has also become a hallmark of the youngest generation of computer…