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  • Women, Trauma and HIV Transmission

    Co-authored by Jamie Felzer Just how much can the events of a traumatic childhood affect the likelihood of contracting HIV or other serious diseases in later life? Unfortunately, recent research shows that the effect can be profound, especially for women.The silver lining may be in our ability to reduce later HIV transmission by providing better […]

  • Heroin Addiction and HIV infection – Dirty needles and a place for harm reduction

    Co-authored by: Jamie Felzer Many people today know about the dangers and risky behaviors (sharing needles, unsafe sex, and mother-to-child transmission) that can increase the risk for HIV/AIDS infection. The question lies in whether or not they are able to take appropriate actions to prevent contracting the disease themselves. Heroin addiction, dirty needled, and HIV […]

  • Reduce HIV Transmission – Shooting up, clean needles, and addiction treatment

    Co-authored by: Jamie Felzer We’ve talked often on thisĀ  site about many of the negative things that often come along with heavy drug use. We’ve not yet talked about any of the factors that make injection drug use even worse. Users inject cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin, or any combination of these. Shooting up and […]