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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky – America’s addiction guru in the NY Times

    An article in today’s NY Times magazine section discusses the world according to Dr. Drew. Being an addiction specialist myself, I obviously couldn’t resist devouring it, even though I’m in Belgium at the moment. Dr. Drew the good and bad The article was a wonderfully written piece that dealt with much of the irony in […]

  • NY Times and Dr. McLellan – Two giants, great story about addiction

    When the NY Times pickedĀ a focus for their most recent story on addiction policy and research, they couldn’t have asked for a better representative than Dr. McLellan who after decades of addiction research is now helping to form U.S. drug policy. The man is one of my personal idols and believes, like I do, that […]

  • Philadelphia addiction help – Long term social support seems to work

    Check out today’s article in the NY Times about a program in Philadelphia that is putting together a whole set of support structures to help addicts deal with life after drugs. At the center of the effort is the Philadelphia Recovery Community Center which offers groups, life-skills help, job training and more. The article focuses […]

  • Surfing and exercise in crystal meth addiction recovery

    Hey everyone, I’ve already talked about the endless ways in which exercise can help addicts, especially in early recovery, fill the void left by their drug use (see here for some articles). This NY Times article follows Darryl Virostko, a world class surfer, as he attempts to incorporate surfing and surfing lessons into the rehabilitation […]