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  • The business of addiction treatment and health care

    Whether it’s you suffering with addiction or a loved one, it’s easy to forget that at least in this country, treating the sick is a cash-money-business. This is true for health-care as well as for addiction treatment, and as the polls right before the passage of the recent health-care reform suggest, enough Americans like it […]

  • About Addiction: Your brain, smoking, alcohol and drugs

    Some new, different areas of addiction and some old favorites.  Read on to learn more! Check out this USA Today story about President Obama’s public health fight and goals of reducing drug usage.  He said prevention and education are really what we need. Your Brain and Addiction Science Daily: A genetic variant of a receptor […]

  • Reduce HIV Transmission – Shooting up, clean needles, and addiction treatment

    Co-authored by: Jamie Felzer We’ve talked often on this  site about many of the negative things that often come along with heavy drug use. We’ve not yet talked about any of the factors that make injection drug use even worse. Users inject cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin, or any combination of these. Shooting up and […]

  • How does Obama’s health care reform affect substance abuse treatment for Medicare patients?

    Co-Authored by: Jamie Felzer Medicare and addiction?  Do you typically think of these things as related? After the recent passage of Obama’s health care system reform, those utilizing Medicare and other government-sponsored systems will obviously be affected. Government sponsored substance abuse treatment A recent study on substance abuse treatment services for people with Medicare found […]

  • Rx for reform: Spend on addiction treatment now, save later.

    This was originally posted on takepart.com: The debate about healthcare reform is raging with democrats and republicans seemingly entrenched in their positions on different sides. The overall question is simple: How do we reduce the cost of healthcare in this country without negatively affecting the quality of it? US healthcare can be some of the […]

  • About addiction: Bankers, courts, Obama, and painkillers

    Hey everyone, here’s another roundup of some good links about addiction from around the globe – Addiction today – U.S. bankers seek treatment Breaking the cycles – Offender sentencing that makes sense Addiction tomorrow – Obama says NO to legalization Physorg – FDA cracks down on unapproved narcotic painkillers Don’t forget to look at our […]