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  • Addiction stories: Hellish Heroin – Bambi’s heroin addiction story

    Addiction stories seem to have an impact that objective research can never have. This is another in a series of addiction stories submitted by our readers. I hope that everyone will benefit from learning about others’ experiences. There’s no doubt that Bambi’s experience of escalation in use from what seemed initially innocent is a common […]

  • The Prescription drug use problem: Unethical marketing strategies for Oxycontin

    In 1996, Purdue Pharma L.C. introduced Oxycontin to the drug market. Oxycontin is a sustained-release oxycodone preparation used in treating chronic pain. Purdue put together an aggressive marketing plan to promote the sale of the drug. In it’s first year, Purdue sold $48 million dollars of Oxycontin. By 2000, Purdue was making a staggering 1.1 […]